My first show kicked ass!!!

So the first show on 1.30.09 at Public Assembly was awesome and went better than I ever could have expected. I guess putting on rock shows is the same as putting up theater shows: everything MUST fall apart a couple days before so that it WILL come together magically on stage. Literally on Thursday I could not sing and I was definitely worried about how well some of the songs would go, but after three days of vocal rest, I warmed up in the bathroom at Public Assembly a few minutes before we went on and my voice was back. Not perfect, but back enough to sing well.

Our openers, Emily Stern and The Spanish Channel (that’s two separate bands), were awesome and had great shows. We got an awesome crowd in there and by the time we went on stage it was a pretty packed house. I counted about 35-40 people that were just my friends alone, so that was amazing. My friends are the absolute best!!!

Also, one girl had accidentally come to the wrong venue but decided to stay and hear us just to be nice, and she ended up loving the show, so that was great!

The show itself was excellent. The band sounded awesome and we pretty much got every song just right. People were saying they thought we’d been playing together for a long time–HA! If they only knew. And people also said they assumed some of the songs were covers because they swore they’d heard them on the radio, so, frustrating as it is that my friends didn’t know a bunch of my songs, it’s awesome that they think they’re good enough to have been covers! 🙂 It’s good to see people are finally buying different songs on the album on iTunes, because I’m proud of all of them and I want them to get heard.

Also, I was finally able to let go and really move and interact with the crowd while performing the songs. I think it makes a big difference to have a full band behind me because it makes the songs a lot more danceable and get-into-able. People also were saying my songs were really danceable, which is great because that’s the direction I want to go in, anyway.

I think my goals for this year will be to 1. Delegate my work (right now I’m doing EVERYTHING from songwriting to promotion to booking to publicity etc etc and that’s why there are experts for that) and 2. Network hardcore till I really find and use all my connections to get things to the next level. I can work as hard as I want on my own, but it really takes collaboration with others to make things happen.

The fabulous Chris Hanley, who took all my pictures (including the one on top of this blog) and helped me shoot a lot of my videos, will be editing the raw footage together from the “Come Home To You” shoot we did a few months ago in Montana. That will be really helpful. And I’m getting closer and closer to just breaking down and spending the money for an Ariel Publicity campaign, because I really just need to get the damn word out already about my stuff, and I think it’s just too hard to get all the coverage you want on your own. That might have to wait till I have more danceable stuff, though, but we’ll see. I am so jealous of those bands that just magically become indie darlings, but maybe I’m crazy and there’s a PR machine behind all of them, too. There probably is. Nothing, nothing, nothing happens in this business magically. It all takes work work work!!!

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