New music coming soon!

Wow, haven’t written in a while, sorry! Just wanted to let ya know I’ve been working on new dance-pop music (finally! no more girl-with-guitar-look-how-sweet-I-am crap! WE ARE GOING TO DANCE!!!) and it is freakin’ amazing. I think you all are going to love it, and I know it’s going to be a knockout live. I cannot WAIT to perform these gems!!!

Also, I think once I have a demo’s worth of kickass dance songs, I’m going to start trying to take it to the next level in earnest. Up till now, the stuff I’ve done hasn’t been the stuff I really want to be known for, but now that I’m seeing how awesomely the new stuff is turning out to be, I think I can be really comfortable with this sound as an accurate picture of who I am and what I want to do. Yay! FINALLY!

The tip for today is: when you’re stuck, and you think you can’t make anything good happen, WORK THROUGH IT. When you think there’s no point to trying to work on your dream, WORK ON YOUR DREAM. You’ll get back into the groove instead of wasting time, and you’ll feel better when the inspiration starts to come back.

Yesterday it took me two hours of sitting and staring at my computer and wondering if I could even make good dance music until I got some ideas for my song and started laying them down on the recording, and you know what? I made a freaking amazing song this weekend. I’m in love with it. And I feel great about that. And if I had given up, either for the moment or forever, when I felt like I couldn’t come up with anything, then I wouldn’t have ever known that I can totally make an amazing song when I put my mind to it and chug on through the tough times. So chug on through the tough times, folks. After all, you never read a book about The Little Engine That Said “F*** It,” did you? You read about THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD.


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