Second show was awesome! (Video clips now on YouTube!)

Our show at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC on 3/4/09 was awesome. Great crowd, and great venue with great people working there. We had to start without drums since Nicole was coming directly from playing a show that was supposed to end when ours was supposed to begin a mile away, but it just made for an awesome, spontaneous moment when she got to the venue and jumped in on drums in the middle of “Chocolate Cake.” Ah, live performance.

Performing live has brought my attention to something: there really is no such thing as a performance where you can half-ass it or have things be sub-par, unless you want that stuff to end up on the internet, because everything ends up on the internet. So I’m glad that I gave my all in this show as well as the last ones, because my friends were videotaping parts of the show, and now those parts are on YouTube. Here’re some clips from the second show:

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