8. Work the MySpace. The MySpace is your friend.

So since Friday March 6th I have been consistently adding the maximum number of myspace friends per day (400) almost every day. In fact, on the few days I didn’t do it, I actually really regretted not doing it, and it’s made me want to really re-commit to getting it done every day. Here’s how the numbers break down:

-when you search through a user’s friends, there are 40 friends per page of friends
-out of those 40, about 20 accept friend requests from bands without you having to know their last name to add them
-therefore, in order to request 400 people per day, you need to go through about 20 pages of friends
-now that I’ve done this a bunch of times, I can do the daily work in about an hour and a half
-out of those 400 people you add, about 100 or so accept within a day of the request (a few others accept later, and many others either reject or don’t respond)
-out of those 100, about 10 will comment and about 5 will message you
-out of those 10 comments, about 3 will be empty promo comments and 7 will actually be about your music

I got the idea for this project here. Read that article. It’s awesome.

Anyway for a while after reading that, I still didn’t start friending on MySpace because I didn’t think it would really work for me, but it definitely has. I’ve gotten lots of people to listen to my music and comment on it, and I’ve been communicating with a lot of new fans who really like my stuff and tell me so. This makes me feel good and inspires me to keep going, and it’s really helping to get my music out there. To my surprise, people really do listen when you solicit on MySpace (if you do it correctly of course) and many of them have even thanked me for getting in touch because they like the music so much. Also, they’ve followed me on other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc, because, just like I do, they go looking for artists they like on all the different social networking sites and support them across multiple platforms.

I can’t wait to see how much this continues to help as I continue to do it every day. And I highly, highly recommend it to all the musicians on myspace out there! The main principle this both relies on and proves is: your fans are out there, but you have to make sure you find them! Because they may not find you if you don’t find them first!

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