Trying to finish new tracks…

So it’s been long enough. The tracks for “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” and “Get Out,” two of my new dance tracks, have been ready for weeks and weeks, but I haven’t recorded vocals yet. The plan is to record them at home, then take them into the studio to be finished. I want to get this done as soon as possible and get them up on the various websites for people to hear. I’m DYING to know how they’ll do, because I think the fact that they’re all synth sounds and very catchy, poppy, current and danceable will help them a lot. But every time I think something’s going to be my ticket to success, it’s just a ticket to 100 more things I have to do before success comes. Whatever. The important thing is I love this music and there will be people out there who do, too.

The myspacing has been going great. It is so amazingly helpful to have people say they love the songs and are actually listening. I’m happy about that!

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