Another kickass show: check!

So our latest show on 4/3/09 at Don Hill’s was so awesome. We debuted three new dance tracks to a great response from an awesome crowd. I had a bunch of old friends come that I haven’t really seen or talked to in about three years so that was amazing. It’s always nice to know I’m not just talking into a void when I do my email and facebook blasts. People really are paying attention, even if I don’t realize it.

I also finally did a more edgy look with crazy makeup and hair which was fun, but I’m still not quite sure what exactly I want my image to be. It’s hard because the music still has all different moods, and it feels like there’s no one image that suits all the songs. Whatever. But the funniest, cutest moment of the night came when my stepmom commented on my look and said something like “What are you trying to look like?” and the fabulous booker, Nicki Camp, immediately shot back, “She looks like a rock star.” Coming from someone like him, who clearly has rock and roll pumping through his veins, that meant a lot. It was a picture perfect teen movie moment. Hilarious and heartwarming! Our heroine is redeemed and recognized by her peers! Hahaha.

Anyway Don Hill’s is an awesome place to play. The sound was the best we’ve ever had, they have full lighting and smoke machines, the booker is great, it’s a great size, and at the end of our set they allowed (and sort of forced, but in a great way) us to do two encore songs.

Then after we left, the wind was whipping through the TriBeCa streets, and we all spontaneously burst into U2’s “With or Without You” while holding out our arms and letting the wind blow back our hair and jackets, because we are adorable.

We are also trying to make a Japan mini-tour happen this December, and to my surprise everyone in the band wants to do it, and probably could, so we gotta make that happen! Let me know if there’s any way you can help. 🙂

Here are some videos from the show:

New songs coming tomorrow!

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