Shooting the “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” video

So I’ve begun shooting the “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” video and it’s already so much fun. As usual, when I’m filming a video in a public place, I attracted crazy people. The funny thing is, for this video, that was actually totally appropriate. First, this guy spontaneously started making faces while walking toward the camera, and when we talked to him, I said I’d send him the video if he’d give me his email, and I said, “Do you have a card?” and he said “Sure! Here’s my card,” and passed me a card that said only, “My Card,” on it. “That’s hilarious,” I said, “but seriously, do you have one with your email on it?” And he said, “Oh wait, let me give you my other card,” and then proceeded to give me a card that said, “My Other Card,” on it. I can only imagine the giddiness in this guy’s mind as he was preparing to get out his card. Good one, guy!

Then we saw this old guy stretching in the background on the street, and people kept asking him if he was ok because he was down on the ground stretching in the middle of the street, but he insisted he was fine. He then came over and chatted with us (and thank God we were filming the whole thing!) and proceeded to say hilarious, ridiculous thing after hilarious, ridiculous thing. It was amazing. He will account for about 80% of the blooper reel of this video. Get excited about this blooper reel because it will be amazing.

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