I love performing at parties! Invite me to perform at yours! :)

For the past two weekends I’ve performed at my friends’ parties, and both times it was excellent.  I really enjoy doing it because it’s always a well-attended gig where I don’t have to bring the audience, worry about pleasing bookers or venues, or anything else. I just come in with my portable, self-powered amp and mic, turn on my music, and sing and dance with everyone there! Each time I’ve done it people have really enjoyed it and been very impressed by and interested in my music, which makes me feel great and really boosts my confidence as a songwriter and performer.

At the party last weekend, someone said to me, “We were just debating whether your songs were originals or covers, because they sound like something we’d hear on the radio.” I was so excited to hear that, because of course the goal is to get my stuff on the radio, and it’s always so nice to have people think that the songs are so good that some professional must have written them. Well, technically a professional did (me), but it’s a compliment nonetheless. After the show I’ll go around collecting email addresses for the email list, and talk and network with the people who’ve just seen the show. It’s a great way to gain exposure and build my fanbase as well as practice my show. I hope to do as many parties as possible in the future!

If you’d like me to come play at your party or event, just let me know at talktojccassis AT gmail DOT com. I have all my own equipment and am not too loud for a small apartment, nor too quiet for a larger room or outdoor space, so it would mean no effort or inconvenience on your part, and it would really kick your party up to the next level!

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