Gig photos from my show at Tenjune!

On 8.26.09 I did a show at Tenjune as part of the Harvard Rocks NYC party. Unfortunately, the party ran so late that by the time I got on there weren’t a lot of people left, but on the upside, I had the whole club to run and dance around while I did my show, and finally got to feel what it feels like to have a wireless mic and a lot of space to really move while I sing! One of the dreams that I have to make come true is playing festival shows with big stages and wireless mics so I can run around while singing. I don’t know what it is about running around and singing, but I love it. So I want to do it. Anyway, here are some pics! I made the sequin corset, cuffs and eyepiece from stuff I got from the trimming store. I’ve finally started living the cliche of a young pop artist making her own crazy stage outfits, and it’s a lot of fun!


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