Pics from the 9/15/09 shows!

So as part of this, the busiest month EVER, I did a one-hour outdoor show at 345 Park Avenue in the daytime on 9/15, then a set of Mexican songs for my friend Fernando’s Mexican Independence Day Party in the evening! Two very different shows, two very different looks. Here are pics of each!

Singin' at 345 Park!
Singin' at 345 Park!
Still singin' at 345 Park!
Still singin' at 345 Park!
Viva Mexico!
Viva Mexico!

From doing the 345 Park gig, I booked another outdoor, daytime gig for 9/30 at 24 State Street, 12:30pm. Hope to see some of you there if you work around there! This brings the total number of September gigs to 7! Nothing’s nailed down yet for October, but I am working on putting together some cool, free performances with my lovely friend Dan Freeman of Comandante Zero ( And of course I’ve got a tremendous amount of work to do finishing and putting out and starting to promote my album and demo as well, so there’s that!

There’re only 3 days left to get your free exclusive download of my song “Hands Off,” so go here now and get it before it’s gone! After this promo is over, I won’t be able to give it away for another 3 months or so, so get it while you can! Click here to get it:

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