‘Nother video blog on how to write a great song

I’m really going to try to do these video blogs regularly since they’re fun, I have a LOT to say, and I think they’re a much better way to show my personality and let fans and potential fans get a feel for who I am as a person than just writing in a blog. I feel like people who meet me in person are far more interested in listening to my music than people who don’t know what I’m like in real life, so it’s important to let people I probably won’t ever get to meet in person know what I’m like through making videos. I know that my favorite artists are my favorite artists in significant part because I LOVE what I know of their personalities. By the same token, once I know something I don’t like about their personalities, it’s really hard to like them as much. Cases in point: Madonna seems smart, funny, thoughtful, and nice. I really like her and feel good about supporting her career. Kanye West did something really mean and rude to someone who didn’t deserve it at all (Taylor Swift). Though he makes great music and is not always like this, it’s hard not to think of how much that annoyed me when I think of him, which makes me less eager to support his career. Not everyone who sees these videos is going to like me, but that was never going to happen anyway. Some people will like me/these videos, and they’re the ones I’m going after. Enjoy!

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