Continuing the Everybody’s Crazy in New York video shoot

So today, after like 3 months, I finally filmed one of the last parts of the ECNY video that still needed to be shot. Now I just have two more little pieces to do (hopefully next weekend) and it will be time to start editing it! The editing should be relatively quick since I’ve storyboarded it out in my head. I hope it doesn’t look too weird that part of it was filmed in blazing summer heat and sunshine and part of it was filmed in freezing cold rainy fall, hahaha but too bad.

For the shoot today, I choreographed another piece to go along with the chorus, grabbed some friends to come dance in it, taught it to them in a few minutes in my room, then we headed out to film. It was another laughtastic day because it’s pretty impossible to teach people my silly choreography then watch them do it all together and not just bust out laughing. We had a lot of fun today and it was great to have my dancer friends meet and dance with each other. As young artists it’s really important to collaborate and help each other with our projects and get to know each other so we can lift each other up, so it was a great feeling to see my artsy fartsy friends chatting, laughing and networking a few minutes into knowing each other. We froze our asses off outside since it was about 42 degrees, with wind and rain, and we had a lot of standing around to do between takes. We did the dance so many times and even though I’m not much of an anthlete, somehow my dances always end up being really athletically demanding, so by the end of it we were all pretty exhausted. Then we all had some awesome burgers at The Burger Joint and called it a night. I have some great footage to work with and I can’t wait to put the video together and get it out there already!

But for now, it’s back to finishing these last two tracks, starting to record vocals, and a really really unhealthy amount of networking at any CMJ-related event I can possibly get into this week. Ayayay.

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