Here’s the video that used my song, and other news!

So when I googled “Kokopax,” the company that used my song, I found the video above! It’s on their company’s home page too! ( I think the song fits perfectly and really enhances the video, so I’m glad it worked out. Also, I wrote the company a thank you email and got one right back from the owner of the company, telling me how they’d picked my song and been really happy with it. That was awesome. So if you’re having or already have a baby, check out Kokopax when you need to buy a baby carrier or diaper bag! Is that me selling out? Hahaha.

In other news, I just went into the studio and had “Friday Night Forever” mixed and mastered, and it sounds truly excellent. We transformed one of my voice parts in the song into a robot voice and it adds so much to the song. This is the song I’ll be submitting to the latest ReverbNation promo campaign, so I don’t want to put it up anywhere else just yet, but I hope to get back in the studio to finish “Good Time” and “Hold For Your Lovin'” this Sunday so at least I’ll be able to put those out for you to hear. I am soooooo close to finishing all the tracks for my album, and I’m already getting lots of great ideas for sassy, fun pop songs for the next record.

I’m also looking forward to finishing doing all the solitary work of making all the tracks and recording vocals so I can start collaborating and performing like mad, and sending my demo around to industry people. That’s when the fun part will really start!

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