Oh, yay! Amazing new photos coming soon…

Just got back from a fantastic second photo shoot with the amazing and Australian Alex Green in SoHo. My favorite moments from the shoot were:

1. People taking pictures of me and smiling as they went by.

2. A woman shouted “I love it” about my look: pink wig, sparkly hoodie, furry black jacket, zebra tights, purple high tops. Score!

3. A dapper black man in a fabulous hat said “Move over, Lady Gaga!” to which I said, “Thanks girl! I love you!”

4. We shot outside Rudy’s Music on Broome Street and Alex was concerned they’d yell at us, but right as we were about to take the first shot, Rudy himself came into the store and said “Looks great, I love it. Hi, I’m Rudy, nice to meet ya. Looks good.” Awesome!

5. A teen girl and her mom crossed the street just to take a picture of me and were very sweet and complimentary. 🙂

We only had an hour but we got SO many cool shots I can’t wait to share with you! Will upload as soon as I get them back from Alex. Why does Alex have to live in Sydney???

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