My trip to San Francisco, or, holy crap, do I need an iPhone!

Two weeks ago, I was feeling the if-I-don’t-get-out-of-New-York-soon-I’m-going-to-go-crazy itch, so I booked a trip to go see friends in San Francisco. Then I realized that while I was there, I should check out some venues and see how plausible/worthwhile it might be to try to do a show out there at some point. I left this past Saturday and returned this morning, and the time on the west coast just FLEW by, it was so much fun!

I didn’t get to spend as much time in the actual city of San Francisco as I wanted, but I did learn the following things:

1. San Francisco is GREAT.

2. The Castro neighborhood is chock full of not only gay guys and gay couples, but SO MANY two-dad families with adopted kids! So awesome!!! I can’t believe there are places where gay couples aren’t allowed to adopt (or get married, for that matter!) because it was such a huge reminder that adoptive, loving families are so important and helpful to society and we should encourage it as much as possible. Can’t wait till gay marriage and gay adoption are legal everywhere. I want to live in a world where I see gay couples with adopted kids everywhere, not just in one neighborhood of one city in one country. If you didn’t know, I am HUGE on adoption. Don’t plan on ever being a parent myself, but I think it’s such a crime that people keep having biological kids instead of adopting them, when there are already SO many kids in the world who need parents. If gay couples who would make loving parents want to adopt kids, LET THEM. EVERYONE benefits from children having loving, stable homes and being well provided for.

3. Napa is an odd place where there are literally ONLY rich people and there’s no dirt or shabbiness anywhere. What kind of a city is that? 😛

4. You can get good food in small towns in California. You just can’t get good food in small towns anywhere else.

5. California is too big and spread out. Be more like San Francisco, rest of California!

6. I am still completely obsessed with my friends’ two Italian Greyhounds. CUTEST DOGS EVER. And they’re adopted!

7. I need an iPhone. I need an iPhone, I NEED AN iPHONE! I am still printing out google maps and drawing diagrams and writing notes to myself and taking it all with me when I go to uncharted territory. And wanting to take pictures and not having a camera. And thinking of songs while walking around and not being able to write down lyrics or record voice memos. And wanting to blog and email on the go and not being able to. I feel like the smart phone having community has left the rest of us behind, and life is now lived with the expectation that you will be able to do anything on the go, because you have a smart phone, don’t you? Well, I don’t. So I need to get one. And I will, soon.

The other cool thing I did while visiting San Francisco is meet my German fan Andre and his girlfriend Babsi for the first time. They happened to be visiting SF while I was, so we decided to meet up. Andre and I met on Twitter and he’s been a great fan ever since, but we’d only ever interacted on the internet, so it was really fun and crazy to meet him in person. We chatted for about an hour, then I had to run and catch dinner with my best friend before getting back on a plane to cross the country in FIVE HOURS which still totally blows my mind.

I did check out a couple venues while I was there, and I was really glad I did, because you get a very different impression from visiting a venue in person than you do from reading its website. Yeesh. I’m trying to figure out what the best way to have a good, well-attended show in San Francisco might be. I do expect to visit again soon since it was so cool and there’s SO much I didn’t get to see or do while I was there, so maybe I’ll try to hit some open mics, or figure out if the gay bars ever hold events where I should perform, or just try to build up enough blog buzz that a show there would be well attended by people who know my music. The latter is the ultimate goal. Artists like Girl Talk and Jonathan Coulton were able to do shows around the country after building internet buzz, so hopefully I can do the same. But that means I gotta get movin’ on those bloggers!

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