The busiest weekend ever, Day 1: 5/14 at Santos Party House and Rebel

5/14 was a crazy, crazy, super awesome day for me. I started it off with the first in-person rehearsal with my amazing backup dancers from bacKspace, which was soooooo fun! They showed me the dance they had put together for “Dance Dance Dance” and it was so fierce and sassy and adorable I was like jumping up and down and giggling.

My fantastic new backup dancers, Charmin Ulltra and Krystal Something-Something!!!

Then we all worked on it together and grabbed lunch before I had to RUN back to Manhattan to make it to a sound check with Mimi Imfurst, since I would be singing Ace of Base’s “The Sign” with her later that night at The F Word party at Rebel. We did soundcheck with the live band, which was amazing, then Mimi, Meagan Gilliland and I all stood in the service entrance of Rebel together, harmonizing on “The Sign” many times over until it was solid. That’s also where I met Michael Formika Jones, the fabulous nightlife promoter who puts on The F Word, and we all talked about how hard it is to throw a good party in NYC because of all the stupid anti-fun laws there are in this city and all the hardships and bullying the clubs face. It’s really sad, because New York should be THE nightlife capital of the world and it’s not going to happen until we stop turning our precious and awesome clubs into shopping malls and condos and parking lots! ARGH!

Anyway, then I ran home to get dressed for my opening set at Santos Party House, ran down to Santos, did my sound check, put my makeup on by candlelight, did my show, sang backup for Comandante Zero’s show, watched Soulfege’s show, then went out for dinner in Chinatown, where I almost collapsed from exhaustion. Then I picked myself up and ran up to Rebel, where I arrived super early and fell asleep on the couch waiting for Mimi to get there. As my good friends know, I always take a “disco nap” in the middle of the night at the party, then get up and finish the rest of the party, then go to bed for real. So I got to Rebel at like midnight, dozed off till 12:30, then woke up to people laughing and photographing me sleeping on the couch. Classic. Finally, it was time to go meet Mimi in the dressing room, which was one of the most fun moments of the night, because I got in there and within seconds it was PACKED with me and like ten drag queens and a couple photographers, and then bacKspace showed up looking amazing and we all hung out in there for a while, and then it was time to go on stage! Mimi brought wigs and dresses for us so that when we went up there, it was like three Mimi’s all singing together. So awesome.

The show went great, and it was SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME to look out across the audience and see a packed dance floor with so many of my new nightlife pals, including bacKspace, dancing and singing along with us! AAAAAAAAAAH I want to do/have that all the time!!!

Later, I was down on the dancefloor, not particularly paying attention to what was going on, when apparently Formika decided to get the band to play a well-known rock song that he could sing along to. Before I knew what was happening, Mimi turned to me and said “They’re going to play a song and you’re going to sing it. Now get up there!” When Mimi tells me to sing, I generally obey, hahaha. It’s a good thing I did, because they chose to play “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses, one of my fave rock songs to sing and which is in a perfect key for me to be able to hit all the notes in a really impressive way. The trouble is, I don’t know the words that well. So I got up there, and Formika’s like “Do you know Sweet Child?” and I was like, “Gimme a second, I think so!” and even though usually I can’t remember lyrics in moments like those, suddenly I remembered all the lyrics in the right order, and I was like, “I know it. Let’s do it!” Then the band started to play it, and I just let loose and tore it up from start to finish, even dropping down to my knees and dancing with the mic stand the way Axl Rose does. The crowd loved it and it was quite a fantastic moment.

Then I finally dragged my butt outside the club, where I met Chandilier Period, the tallest drag queen ever, and finally it was time to go home and collapse. Magic!

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