Video from 5.30.10 at Sugarland!

Um, let me explain something to you. My show at Sugarland on Sunday night was Un. Be. Lievable. UNBELIEVABLE. SO GREAT! I did four songs and my delicious backup dancers, Krystal Something-Something and Charmin Ulltra were there to dance with me on Dance Dance Dance and Friday Night Forever again. When we did the first dance, to Dance Dance Dance, people were cheering so long and loud at the end that we just had to wait a long time until it got a little ridiculous before they would finally allow us to move on to Friday Night Forever. SO FUN.

I also happened to find a disco ball corset that I wore at the show which is amazing. Everyone at Sugarland was saying it’s the best look they’ve ever seen me put together, which I loved. Krystal Something-Something vehemently approved, and if that’s the case, I know I’ve done something right.

I love that what I do is starting to take root at Sugarland. That is such an amazing place for young, bold performers who really know who they are and what they’re doing. I’m so glad that I’m becoming a regular performer there. That’s a dream come true! And it’s such a great place to get hooked into the Brooklyn arts scene. There are so many people passing through there who are kind, friendly, really talented and so much fun.

My dear friend Elijah was in from out of town and caught the show along with his fabulous cousin Adam, and after the show the three of us got pizza, hung out on stoops and the sidewalk till 4am talking, and then, just when we were about to go home, we realized that instead, we should go watch the sun rise on the banks of the East River, so that’s what we did. Then we drove really fast over the bridge back to Manhattan while blasting awesome house music, and before I knew it, I had been out until 7am without even expecting to. That’s one of many reasons why I love Elijah.

It was a good, good night.

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