Awesome picture of the House of Yes show 6.18.10

JC Cassis performing at House of Yes Photo: Teresa Tsai

So, Friday night was totally ridiculous. After months of planning, it was FINALLY time to put on the Team Buhara Benefit Concert and Dinner, for which I booked bands, secured the venue, and dealt with a lot of emotional fallout from catastrophe after catastrophe leading up to the event. Seriously, this event felt like it was doomed pretty much from start almost to finish, but then, miraculously, and because this is always the way things happen in showbiz, just after the bottom fell out of everything multiple times right before the event was to start, everything came together and was great. Our target was to raise $500 to keep the children of Buhara, Uganda, in school for another year. Even without a full house of people, we raised over $700. People’s generosity was really amazing, and it just goes to show that when even a small group of people band together to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, it can really work. The bands came through, the people came out, the coffers were filled, and knowing that we really did a lot to help people in Uganda get another year of access to education was a great feeling. So after spending my whole day prepping and running around and standing on my feet and freaking out over that, it was time to lug my two giant bags of equipment and costumes etc over to the House of Yes for a last-minute show at the Gay Gay Gay Freakshow party, put on by my friend and collaborator JJ Japanime.

Performing there was a dream come true and totally awesome. I did “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” first, and “Friday Night Forever” later, both of which went over really well. I’m looking forward to doing more shows there at future parties. Performing at parties or places with built-in crowds is simply the only way to go until I’m a big enough name and have a team to help me fill a room with people on my own. Can’t wait till that day comes, though! 🙂 Also, I need a roadie if I’m going to continue to have to lug this much stuff around.

Also, a photographer from the Village Voice was there, so I hope one of the photos of me runs in there! That would be so amazing!!!

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