Mini tour of Brooklyn!

So last Monday I did my Make Music New York mini-tour of Brooklyn, hitting the insufferably hot Vox Pop at 1pm and the somehow less hot outdoor setup at Bread Stuy at 4pm. It was such a hot day that I decided to forgo wearing my usual wig, thinking that it would only make me pour sweat even more, to the point where it would be dangerous to be using electrical equipment. Somehow, though, I feel like I sweated more without a wig while performing at Vox Pop than I ever could have in Hell with a wig on. It was gross. Funny and ridiculous, but really gross, too. Also, I learned that a sleepy coffee shop at 1pm is not the most suitable place for me to perform my music. I just wanted to be part of Make Music New York, and I did get some new fans out of it, which is always the most important thing, but I think next year, if I can’t get a nighttime slot in an appropriate venue, I’m just gonna skip it.

The show at Bread Stuy was hilarious because it was at a simple DJ setup outside, so I was literally standing behind a table with a PA set up on it, just standing and singing my songs. People on the street generally seemed to enjoy it, except for this one old lady who came by and seemed to be unpleasantly surprised that there was loud music playing right next to her apartment. She was like “What’s going on here? When are you stopping?” Then she watched me disapprovingly for my next two songs. SO awkward. But again, I did make some new fans and sold a CD, so it was worth it.

I’m excited for my show tonight at Sugarland at 10:30pm, (221 North 9th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn), because that show always goes great and has a great audience that loves what I do. Also, bacKspace and Comandante Zero will be playing the show with me, so it’s gonna be a really solid lineup. After that I don’t really have any solid shows booked, although there are some things floating around in the ether for July and August, and I may well be performing at Burning Man in Nevada, which would be awesome. But without a lot of shows, I’m going to focus on online promotion and networking with industry contacts to write and sing with/for more people and try to get my songs licensed. I need to start making some real money and stronger contacts with this and really get things moving towards where I want them to be. Wish me luck and send me ideas!

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