I’m going to be in a documentary on Improv Everywhere!

JC Cassis in the forthcoming documentary on Improv Everywhere. Photo: Matt Adams

Ooooooh man, so life was a frenzy leading up to July 4th weekend, and then I was totally disconnected all weekend, so time has flown. But last week, I was interviewed twice for the upcoming documentary on Improv Everywhere by Matt Adams, and it was so awesome!

Improv Everywhere is a really cool group started by my old improv friend Charlie Todd, and it does all kinds of hilarious, victimless public pranks, many of which I’ve been involved in over the years. Matt Adams does a lot of video work for the group and decided to make a documentary about it, and he reached out to me over Facebook to schedule an interview. He thought he’d just be getting a little space-filler comment from me, but when we started doing the interview, it became clear that I had a LOT to say about my experiences in the group, and we ended up having a second interview the next day, and recorded about 2 hours of footage. It was SO fun to do. I LOVE documentaries and I can’t believe I’m going to be in one! I’m really excited about it because I said a lot of funny things and I can’t wait to be sitting in a room watching the final cut with an audience and see what they laugh at. There’s nothing I love more than someone saying something funny in a documentary, and now I get to be one of those people! Also, Improv Everywhere has gotten a LOT of attention over the years, so I imagine that this doc will have a fair amount of viewers, which is really, really cool.

I’ll definitely keep you updated on when it’s coming out! To check out Improv Everywhere, go here, and to check out Matt Adams’ other work, go here. Thanks Matt, and thanks Charlie for letting me be a part of Improv Everywhere!

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