HD video from the Dance Parade performance!

So back on May 22nd, I performed with Krystal Something-Something and Charmin Ulltra at the Dance Parade in Tompkins Square Park. It was super fun. I put up the video recently, but it was really grainy since I uploaded it directly from iMovie, and I was really upset that I had this super sharp film of the event and didn’t know how to get it to look nice on YouTube. Then my lovely pal, Matt Adams, who is an internet video guru, clued me into some steps I needed to take to get video out of iMovie looking good. You can’t upload directly from iMovie to YouTube and have it look good, as far as I know. You have to export using QuickTime and change the video settings, save the file, and then upload it through YouTube by going there and clicking “upload” and taking the file from your hard drive. I did that and now you can finally see the videos looking almost as good as they do on my computer! Thanks again, Matt Adams!

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