The Official Music Video for “Everybody’s Crazy in New York”

Once I had loaded the footage on to my computer, total editing time for this video was two hours. Two. Hours. And yet, how long did it take me to sit down and do it? 4.5 months. So, did I procrastinate completely unnecessarily because I thought it would take more like 20 hours? Yes. Have I learned my lesson? YES! The lesson is: don’t procrastinate. Ever.

This is also the last video I think I’ll do completely on my own. I’ve recently come to know a lot of amazing, creative people who I think can and will help me to make videos that are sharper, more professional, and just better all around, so I look forward to working with them on future videos. I think the next one up I’ll do is Dance Dance Dance, and I think it will be black and white and mightily fierce.

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