Break’N Through, take two!

JC and Ulltra Something prep for the post-show interview at Break'N Through

So the first time I taped my round 1 performance for Break’N Through, the organizers weren’t happy with how the tapes came out for all the pop acts, so they invited each pop act to come back and tape their performance again to open up another genre’s night. I was invited back to perform on the rock night, and it was tons of fun, just like last time. I’m glad I got a second shot at it, because I think I did better this time with the dance moves. Hopefully the tape turned out great, and it will be up soon so I can share it with y’all!

I also did a really funny post-show interview with Charmin Ulltra lying on my lap the whole time, so I can’t wait to see that tape either!

After the show, we got some funny comments. A lot of people said they loved us and they were so happy we did “Show Me Love,” because, 20 years after it came out, it is STILL such a beloved song for so many. As I passed by some dude in the crowd, he was like, “Nice job, BOYS!” Haha. It’s so funny to me that people always think I’m a guy when I’m dressed up. I guess that’s what happens when you surround yourself with drag queens and dress like they do. It’s also funny that people think this would be upsetting for me. It’s just silly and funny. Some other guy was like “Thanks for not sucking like everyone else usually does!” Haha. Can we say “Jaded music industry person?” But I agree.

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