Literally, what I did on my summer vacation!

I know I’ve been a bit absent on here recently, and it’s because two thirds of the summer had sped by without me even noticing it when I realized that if I didn’t make enjoying the summer a priority immediately, it was going to be fall in about five minutes. So I went to the beach. Over and over again. And it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Live entertainment for the 'hole' family. Do they ever proofread signs??

Besides just lying around in the sun, though, I’ve actually gotten some important music things done. I’ve done some great shows this summer, written some new songs (finally! Thank god!), put out the Everybody’s Crazy in New York music video and gag reel, and recorded vocals for and written with singer/songwriter/producer Zach Adam, who’s had plenty of success in Israel and is really starting to make a name for himself here in the US. Very exciting stuff! It’s so great to be actual friends and collaborators with someone so talented and accomplished who has his own studio and can really produce and push the songs out there. I really hope big and good things come from that collaboration, but either way, I’m really enjoying working with him, and that’s the most important thing.

Zach Adam setting up the vocal booth for me

I’ve gotten into the mindset recently that it really is true that enjoying the journey is more important than getting to the destination, so I’ve been really reveling in the journey as of late. The destination is still super important, and I will get there, but until then, I’ll be journeying it up, and having a great time making friends and making art along the way. I just have to balance this enjoying life and taking things slowly with consistently getting important things done and I’ll be all set. I am finally getting a little tired of being so relaxed, though, so after my trip to Burning Man in a few days, I really want to buckle down and get going again. New music, new videos, and most of all, way more muscle put in to promoting my stuff! Gotta build that fanbase up somethin’ fierce!!

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