My Burning Man trip!

There was an actual double rainbow hitting the ground where Burning Man was, but from where I was, I could only see a single one. Still, magic!
Our humble abode for Burning Man, affectionately named the "Moon Unit."
In the background you'll see there was an enormous game of Tetris going on 🙂

So finally, after 14 months of waiting, I got to go to Burning Man, and it was so awesome!!! I highly recommend that everyone on earth go at least once before they die. And if I had known better, I might not have even waited a year, because it turns out you can totally go with about a week’s notice, if not less.

I camped with the Bassyx Camp, a DJ group from San Francisco. They were awesome and it was so much fun. I met so many great people at Burning Man and had so many great conversations. Everyone is in such a friendly, open mindset and it makes for an amazing social environment in which to just relax and enjoy yourself for a week. The weather/survival aspects were surprisingly easy to deal with, and for the first three days we didn’t even have any white-outs or dust storms. For the last three days, though, it was crazy dusty. But still, it was a lot of fun, and being in a white-out, especially at night, was really cool!

I played a show at Burning Man, and it was awesome. When I first heard that I could do it, I wanted to schedule a bunch of shows and perform as much as possible, but when I got there, I realized I was really glad to do only one show, because it’s way more fun to have no set schedule and be able to do whatever you want there the whole time. I performed at Center Camp, which was great because there was a huge audience there. A hand drummer performed right before my set, so I asked him to stay up and play on my songs, and that was really cool. I made a bunch of new fans and I only wish I’d brought CDs to give them. Oh well, next year!

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