9/16/10 Show at Muffins in the Window!

JC Cassis with Molly Equality Dykeman at Muffins in the Window 9.16.10

After two hour-long shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was time to do my final set of the week at Muffins in the Window, a variety show I’d heard about from my friends in BacKspace. They said it was the most fun show they’d played in recent memory, so I decided to get in on the action. I showed up, and the venue was a children’s theater in the Children’s Aid Society, and I ended up warming up in a church preschool classroom. In my usual stage outfit. Wow. So that was funny.

I have to be honest that given the setting and the small audience, at first I wasn’t too excited about doing this show, but once again I learned that you have to just put those feelings aside and do the best show you can, because a weird setting and a small audience can really surprise you with how great they can be. It turned out that the other performers were all excellent, and when I did my set, it was super fun and people really loved it. After the show, I got a lot of new people on the email list and actually sold a lot of cds, which was great. Then the host of the show and some of the audience members and I went to a bar called the Stoned Crow, which had amazing atmosphere and incredible burgers and fries. It was a great time.

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