MEANY Fest show at Crash Mansion 9.30.10!

JC Cassis performs at MEANY Fest 2010 at Crash Mansion

Recently, my friend Kimberly Korn invited me to open for her at MEANY Fest. I’m always excited to have another gig thrown my way, so I took it immediately. When the day of the show rolled around, though, things were so busy that I was strongly considering half-assing it, and then when I got to the venue 30 minutes before my show time, I was informed that they were expecting me at 7, even though I had only ever been told 8pm from the beginning. They also told me that the 8pm act was already there and was not happy about the idea of me going on at 8, and wondered if I could go on later. All of which made no sense, since I had been told I was the 8pm act and had confirmed that with the organizer, and since the show hadn’t started and everyone knows the opening slot is the worst one to have to do. Then they told me my set was 22 minutes when I had been told 45. Haha. So it was a huge mess, but my feeling was, if even one person had shown up to see me, I had to do the show at the time it was advertised and do the best job I could.

JC Cassis performs at MEANY Fest 2010 at Crash Mansion

So, after explaining that opening slots suck and I would be happy to take the worse slot and let the next act have the better slot and I’d do a 22 minute show with no setup or breakdown time, the organizers agreed that that made the most sense. At that point, I was really glad I hadn’t half-assed my look or my set, because there were actually a lot of people there to see the next act who would have to see my set first. Plus, photos and video of the set were being taken for the MEANY Fest website, and no one wants video and pictures of them half-assing a show floating around out there.

JC Cassis performs at MEANY Fest 2010 at Crash Mansion

I’ve learned this lesson not to half-ass anything so many times, and that’s why I never do, but I really wish that voice in my head that tells me to half-ass things would go away already. It’s such a terrible influence and it’s always wrong. I ended up looking great and having a totally awesome performance, and by the end of it I’d won over the next act’s audience and gotten a lot of new fans on the ol’ mailing list. I also gave my CD to the supervising producer of Kimora Lee Simmons: Life in the Fab Lane on the Style Network, who said he might want to use my instrumentals in the show, so that was awesome. And again, if I hadn’t done the show or performed my songs really well, he probably wouldn’t have said that to me or been won over as a fan, so you just always have to do your best, because you really never know who’s watching!

JC Cassis performs at MEANY Fest 2010 at Crash Mansion

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