June was a super busy month!

Wow. I’ve not been so busy as I was over the last few months in a LONG time. Since I last wrote, XELLE hired our fabulous choreographer, Mila Jam, found a costume designer (Bobby Goodrich) for our tour costumes and got those made, conceived, rehearsed and debuted our first full tour show, and played in New Paltz, NY, Albany, NY, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Milwaukee, WI, and Chicago, IL.

Touring is the most fun thing in the world, in my opinion. Nothing is better than having someone pay to fly you out and put you up somewhere so you can get paid to do a show in front of hundreds or thousands of people who then come up to you afterward and take pictures and want your autograph. I wish we could be on tour every day and I can’t wait till we are!

The first stop on the tour was Albany, NY, where we opened for C&C Music Factory, which was awesome. It was great to see their music performed live and to meet the man who actually rapped on the recordings of songs like “Gonna Make You Sweat.” He was just a regular guy from Brooklyn and totally sassy and nice. My mind is always blown by meeting early 90’s celebs. Love it. The next day, we performed in New Paltz, New York, at Hudson Valley Pride, and then again that night at Truman’s, a huge club. It was so good to get some of the new songs on their feet in front of an audience, and we and the new music were both very well received.

Next, it was off to Milwaukee Pridefest, where we played to a crowd of over 2000 on Friday night…

XELLE at the PUMP! Dance Pavillion at Milwaukee Pride 6.10.11. Photo: Abeni Garrett
…and then for a crowd of over 6,000 on Saturday night, when we opened for Salt n Pepa!
XELLE on the Miller Lite Mainstage 6.11.11 at Milwaukee Pridefest
Two weeks later, we were off to Chicago to play in front of this many:
The crowd was huge at Chicago Pride!

But before we could do that, Mya (yes, THE Mya!) OPENED FOR US and then we met her!

XELLE with Mya at Chicago Pride 6.25.11

Then we performed our full show…

The beginning of the XELLE show at Chicago Pride
Then, since we’re basing the theme of our show on royalty, we knighted one of our fans, who turned out to be one of our twitter followers!
XELLE knights a special fan at the Chicago Pride show

After the show, a huge crowd of fans rushed over to the merch table to meet us, buy merch, take photos and get their merch autographed. It was so awesome to meet everyone and see what a great reaction we got in Chicago.

Now, it’s back to the grind, with continued dance rehearsals, revisions to the show, booking as many promotional and full show dates as possible in as many places as we can, and beginning to dominate the tri-state area so we can start expanding from there. There’s a ton of work to do, and I’m excited to do it!


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