New single, Hologram!! And a million other things…

XELLE in the Mojave Desert


This blog is becoming a lot like my real diary–one entry every three months! Yikes!

Definitely gonna try to be better about that–which is also exactly what I say when I write in my diary, haha.

Lemme try to recap the last few months.

So, after XELLE got back from all our crazy touring in June, it was time to actually take a moment to breathe and take in everything we’d done and how we could do it all even better. We took some time to tweak our choreography, stage show, outfits, look, etc. We’re always trying to find ways to do everything we do as well as possible.

Once we had reworked our live show and added a new song to it, we decided to put it up at Industry Bar in NYC to kick off the west coast tour we had booked for the end of October. As usual, we worked like maniacs for weeks to prepare for the show, and then once the show arrived, it seemed to be over within minutes. In reality, we have a full-on, 45 minute set ready to go, which is awesome.

XELLE performs live at Industry Bar 9.15.11

In true XELLE fashion, as soon as one huge endeavor (the Industry show) was over, it was time to focus on the next huge endeavor, our west coast tour. We played Las Vegas, St. Petersburg and San Jose, and in between it all we did an awesome photo shoot in the Mojave Desert. Talk about productivity. I didn’t sleep more than four hours in a night for about five nights in a row. That’s the ONLY part of touring I can live without. As soon as it was all over, it was straight to bed for me. Sleep is the love of my life.

Once we got home from our tour, it was time to start working on our performance at our label-mate Moses’ release party for his single, “I’m Your Man,” which features us. We borrowed these awesome zipper accessories from designer Autumn Lin and used small spherical LED lights on our hands as a special effect that looked amazing onstage and on film. In the same time period, we were gearing up for the Glammy Awards, where we closed the show with an explosive performance of one of our songs, Queen. That was another huge project, involving four stage hands, a cast of 12 people, confetti, props, costumes, choreography, and on and on. XELLE loves production value, that’s for sure.

XELLE backstage at the Moses single release party

And now, finally, finally, we have released our second single, Hologram. I am so glad to finally have more music out there for the fans to enjoy, and to show that we are not a one-song novelty act.

So now, it’s time for huge XELLE project number eleventyhundred and forty seven, the Hologram music video, which is going to be EPIC. So epic that I can’t even tell you why or how it will be epic, but when you see it, you’ll see what I mean. Look forward to it.

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