This past Sunday, my girl group, XELLE (pronounced “excel”) had its very first performance at the Glammy Awards 2010. It was so awesome! We had the three of us, five dancers, a confetti cannon, and an amazing song that people loved. Here’re some pics of me with XELLE on stage. Love it!

JC Cassis performing with XELLE at the Glammy Awards 2010 at Splash
JC Cassis performing with XELLE at the Glammy Awards 2010 at Splash
JC Cassis performing with XELLE at the Glammy Awards 2010 at Splash
JC Cassis performing with XELLE at the Glammy Awards 2010 at Splash
JC Cassis performing with XELLE at the Glammy Awards 2010 at Splash

All photos by Holly Daggers. Thanks, Holly! Follow us at @XELLEmusic on Twitter!

Big news. BIG news.

For the past many weeks, I’ve been involved in a new girl group project with a female singer named Rony Goffer, and a drag queen named Mimi Imfurst, both of whom are friends of mine. It’s a very exciting and fun project with a huge amount of potential, but I just assumed from the beginning that each of us would continue to do our solo work and then also do this group together. Last night we had a meeting, and it seems that won’t be the case. Apparently, as soon as we sign an exclusive recording contract in a few weeks, I will no longer be able to release new music under the JC Cassis solo project. This feels like a huge sacrifice, but given the potential I see for the group and where I think it could lead us, I think it’s worth it. Still, it’s pretty tough to deal with at the moment. I feel bad for my fans and most of all I just feel like I can no longer do the thing that’s been most important to me for the last few years: working on my solo project. I totally get why this is the way it is, but it doesn’t make it any less jarring.

Although the decision was easy to make because of how much I believe in this group’s ability to be the next Spice Girls, what I’m losing through this choice feels like a lot to lose. Business-wise, I understand that it makes more sense to go with the project with more immediate potential for grand scale success, more connections, a more professional product, and a professional team. Heart-wise, it’s going to be tough to be known as a member of a group before I’m known as an individual. I just have to keep reminding myself that my goal was always to be hugely successful in music and to make my living solely and richly from only performing, writing, and developing business ventures related to my music. I also have to remember that, as Simon Cowell said in his book about the music industry, it’s much easier to be successful if you launch yourself as a solo artist after having huge success with a group. Many of my favorite solo artists have come from groups, including Bjork, Beyonce, Sting, Justin Timberlake, etc etc. Having been in a hugely successful group enabled rather than inhibited their success, and in some of their cases, people generally don’t even think of them as having come from a group, even though they did.

I believe in this group and I certainly don’t intend to use it as a stepping stone and then forget about it. I hope and expect that we will have great success together and build a huge fan base that cares about us as a unit, not just as individuals. When that does happen, it’s going to be immensely fun and lucrative to continue to be active as a group, and I look forward to that. It’s just that I also love the idea of being a solo success, and I hope to have both happen before too long.

So, I just wanted to alert you, my fans, to what is going on. Just so you know, the only reason I won’t be releasing new music as a solo artist for the time being is that I will be contractually unable to while I work on this girl group project. The group project, however, will be hugely active in the New York scene and around the world, though, so in a way, you’ll probably be seeing more content from me now than you have before, and it will be higher quality and even more exciting. It’s just that now, it will be in the context of this new project, and you’ll get to know Mimi and Rony along with me. And please know that, once I’m able to, I will absolutely come out with new solo material that will be even better than what I’ve put out so far.

By the way, the name of the girl group is XELLE (pronounced “excel”), and you can follow us on Twitter as @XELLEmusic. We’re also on and on facebook as XELLE. Our vibe is fierce and fun dance/pop music, so if you like what I’ve been doing thus far, I think you’ll love XELLE’s stuff, and please know that I will be co-writing plenty of our material with the rest of the group, so you’ll still be hearing my musical voice as well as my regular voice.

I also want to thank you all for supporting me thus far and sharing this journey with me. I strongly believe that it’s the work I’ve done and the success I’ve had as a solo artist that led me to this group opportunity, which in turn will lead to great pop music success, which was the whole point from the beginning, and which couldn’t have happened without you. So thank you so much, and please stick around for all the exciting new developments to come! I can’t wait to see you on stage with XELLE, and I can’t wait to see you again as a solo JC Cassis further down the road!

Today I did a two-hour interview on the internet radio show MusicWoman Radio with Diva JC, Joan Cartwright. It was a lot of fun and I think it was the first time I’ve ever been interviewed at such length on internet radio. I did the interview right after waking up from a quick nap after a redeye flight from San Francisco, so it felt pretty rockstar-esque.

Hopefully this will be the first of many interviews to come this year! Click the link below to listen:

Thanks, Joan!

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It took a week of wrestling with internet social media technology I don’t know, but finally, FINALLY I put the pieces together and figured out how to get the damn podcast on iTunes. Holy crap, it’s SO hard if you don’t know what you’re doing and you haven’t done it before. I just kept soldiering on and FINALLY got it to work. And now that I know how the hell it works, it’s not so bad.

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If that link doesn’t work, go into the iTunes store, search “The JC Cassis Show” and there it will be!

If you don’t want to use iTunes to hear it, you can hear it on the internet here:

I am SO EXCITED to have it out, and I am SO EXCITED for future shows! I already have some great guests lined up and I can’t wait to find more people to have on the show who will have funny, interesting conversations with me that fans will love listening to. The first episode with Dan Freeman is really interesting and full of laughs, so definitely check it out. If you listen on iTunes, please rate the podcast and write me a quick review!

And for those of you who want to know how I did it and how you can to, here’s how to put a podcast on iTunes in plain English:

1. Record the podcast. Upload it to a publicly accessible website. (You will need to have a website of your own and hosting, or a friend who’s willing to host it on his/her website. I used Adobe Dreamweaver and my website for this.)

2. Follow the instructions here: by copying the sample code on that site and pasting it into the code side of an xml page in Dreamweaver. Delete the example info and replace it with your info for the podcast (title, author, etc), making sure not to disturb any of the actual html.

3. Go into the iTunes store podcast page, click “Submit a Podcast,” and submit the url of the xml page. If you’ve done everything right, you should be done. If you haven’t, iTunes will tell you what to fix. Then your podcast will be approved and available in the store in under 12-24 hours.

So there you have it! It just took me so long because I didn’t understand what any of that stuff was. Now that I do, it’s not so bad!