Today I wrote an email to President Obama about marriage equality, since he bizarrely filed a brief in support of DOMA even though DOMA sucks ass. I encourage all of you who support marriage equality and human/civil rights to do the same. Go to and raise your voice. Here’s my letter:

Dear President Obama,
As a donor to and supporter of your campaign, someone who voted for and believed in you, and an LGBT rights supporter, I am deeply disappointed in you and your administration for filing that brief in support of DOMA. Simply put, how could you? You, who gave such a brilliant speech on race in this country, and who understands the evils of oppression and unequal rights, are willing to do even the slightest thing to support an anti-gay policy? I am appalled. I know that you’ve got a lot on your plate, and that you’re human and flawed just like the rest of us, and that there are issues that are more fundamental to our wellbeing as a country, but equal rights are fundamental in America, too, and the LGBT community is one of the last groups that deserves equal rights and still doesn’t have them. You wouldn’t do this to a racial or religious group, so don’t do it to the LGBT community. You’re an intelligent man and an excellent speaker. Please get your speechwriter to whip up something about how LGBT people are our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and they deserve equal rights, end of story. You and I know that those Americans who are still against marriage equality will come around eventually. And the people who would be mad at you for supporting equal marriage rights are already mad at you for other things, so don’t worry about them. Not to get too Spike Lee on you, but Do The Right Thing, man. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Ain’t nobody tellin’ you you can’t marry who you love. Be a legend. Get equal rights for all. I didn’t give you $320 so you could support ignorant people in discriminating against my friends.
Love ya bye!