So last night I rehearsed with my band, with the lovely and fabulous Dan Freeman of Comandante Zero on keys. It was soooooo fun and funny and I really want to take some rehearsal footage soon so you can see all the fun we have. Most of the songs were in really great shape on the first run through, which was awesome. The new ones are coming along too, which is exciting cuz I love them and I think you all will, too. There’s a song I wrote called “I Just Wanna Hold You,” that we’ve started putting together that I LOVE so much and every time John plays the bass line live I go nuts, it sounds SO good. Can’t wait for you to hear it, and you will if you come to the show on Dec 19th, where we’re performing it.

I now have 9 of 12 songs totally in the can, ready to go, and just have to record vocals on the last three as soon as I’ve rested my voice a bit, practiced the songs, and have a few hours free with a quiet house. I’m thinking that now I should just release the album in 2010, since I don’t want to be pushing it to bloggers in 2010 if it’s a 2009 record, since that will make it seem older. Ayayay it’s so much later than I’d hoped, but what can I say? Life has a way of intervening.

A wonderful British pop star/writer/producer in my songwriting class named Darren Ockert wants to collab with me, and I really want to work with him too, so we should be getting together soon to come up with some poptastic magic. Cannot WAIT for that cuz he is so talented and such a total sweetheart. Can you believe I’m the first one in his life to ever point out to him that the letters in his last name can be rearranged to spell “Rocket?” Neither can I!

So you’re aware of how great Comandante Zero are, please check out this video that proves that EVEN PARROTS CAN’T RESIST DANCING TO THEM!!!