So I’ve been working my butt off all week recording new tracks, and I’m so excited. They all sound great! I wanted to finish them up tonight but the ol’ voicey voice hurts and I don’t wanna push it since I have two hours of rehearsal tomorrow and a show Friday. So I’ll prolly finish up the vocals tomorrow or Saturday and then I’ve got some studio time with my ol’ buddy Yaron who mixed and mastered my first album on Sunday. Yay!

Lee-Sean, my keyboardist, and I have been working on the dance remix of “Can’t Stop Myself From Lovin’ You” and man, it is sick. SICK! It is so fuckin’ awesome and danceable and you are going to love it. He is a genius. Once it’s tweaked to perfection it’s gonna have to rock all the gay clubs because it will just be perfect.

So once that’s done, maybe I’ll switch over all the myspace songs to dance songs. Then I’ll have Lover, Can’t Stop remix, Get Out and Everybody’s Crazy in New York. Hooooooooooray I’m almost there.

Am also trying to set up a few dance music shows for the future so that would be awesome. Just got to learn what I need to know to have me-and-an-ipod shows.

SO excited for the show on Friday. I’m gonna look really weird and sing really awesome songs and the band will kick ass and it will be a rockin’ good time. 8:45pm, Friday April 3rd, Don Hill’s, NYC. Be there!