JC Cassis Photo Credit: Alex Green

Man, I have been a busy, busy bee! But SO many exciting things are happening right now! I’ll list as many as I can remember, completely out of order:

1. Had an AWESOME show on Saturday night at the Art for Progress Clash of the Artists. Everyone who was there said it was my best show ever, and I agree. I practiced more for this show than I have for any other show EVER since I finally actually have the time to practice, and I think it REALLY helped. Not only was I more vocally prepared, but my lyrics were cemented into my head to the point where they were on autopilot and I could do all my dancing around and getting on and off stage and interacting with the audience without missing a beat or a word. I’m also trying to practice as much as possible so that I don’t get so overwhelmingly out of breath during shows, like I have in the past. I think the practicing really helped with that too, since I didn’t get quite so out of breath this time, and I was still moving around a lot and singing at full volume. Also, practicing more has given me the time and opportunity to find better ways and places to breath during a song so I feel more comfortable. Here’s a tip for all you singers out there: sometimes it’s better to inhale less often. You don’t always need to re-fill on breath when you’re only half empty. I find it helpful to just sing to the end of a breath and then breathe again, unless there are too many words between breaths. But I used to think I should inhale whenever possible, and that’s definitely not true.

2. Also through practicing, I finally got the chance to start hammering out what moves I should do during my songs. After watching many pop performances, it became clear that it’s really helpful to have recognizable, highly imitable dance moves to do on the chorus of the song. Just makes things a bit more cohesive and gives you something concrete to do in terms of movement, which makes the performance look more polished and well thought out. Yay.

3. Got my music uploaded to both Pump Audio and Rumblefish, two licensing companies that will hopefully help get my music placed in various media including commercials, internet video, TV and film. I really want to get my new material out into the world, so hopefully that will help! Also got my music onto MusicSupervisor.com, another licensing company. Just need to get it into every other possible licensing company now, and hopefully those placements will start rolling in!

4. Also finally put my music on Podsafe Music Network, a site where you can upload your music so podcasters will know they can use it in their podcasts. Hopefully will bring in more exposure.If you’re a podcaster, you can grab my music from PMN here: http://www.musicalley.com/music/listeners/searchResults.php?SearchString=JC+Cassis&go2=Search+Keywords

5. Indeed, just a few days after putting my music on PMN, I was approached on facebook by someone who wants to add my music to his online radio station, LongIslandOnlineRadio.com. He says they get about 2,000 listeners a day and are trying to get up to 50,000 listeners/day. At this point, any exposure is critical and exciting, so I’m pumped!

6. Finally, after months of wanting to, I GOT MY OWN WIRELESS MIC!!! It is such a godsend. It has made my performance SO much better and SO much more fun. There have been so many times when I’ve had to perform with a regular, corded mic, where I’ve tripped on the cord, stepped on the cord, not been able to dance or go out in the audience because of the cord, etc etc. It’s like a leash, and I’m not the kind of performer who needs to be on a leash!  (I know my friend Michael is laughing at that!) But seriously, having the freedom to dance however I want and go wherever I want without having to worry about a cord is SO AMAZING. If you are a performer who moves around, GET A WIRELESS MIC RIGHT NOW. You’ll be so glad you did!

7. I was approached to have my song used in a film project! Unfortunately it’s super low-budget so there’s no pay, but I’m so glad about it anyway. What happened was that my friend in the NYC music scene whom I knew randomly through another friend in the acting world, acted in a film project, and when the creator of the film needed music similar to mine, my friend suggested she check out my music. She did, and then she wrote to me on facebook asking to use my music in her film, I said yes, she picked “Anything You Want” for the film, and now she’s going to put it in her film and invite me to the premier! This is the first time I’ll have an experience like this and I’m so excited. Here’s the trailer for the film (it doesn’t have my song in it, but the full movie will!):

So that’s what’s been going on! And on top of that I STILL need to make the music video for Everybody’s Crazy in New York and edit it together, book some shows, etc etc etc. The work never ends. But it’s all good and I know it will be fruitful!

So today, after like 3 months, I finally filmed one of the last parts of the ECNY video that still needed to be shot. Now I just have two more little pieces to do (hopefully next weekend) and it will be time to start editing it! The editing should be relatively quick since I’ve storyboarded it out in my head. I hope it doesn’t look too weird that part of it was filmed in blazing summer heat and sunshine and part of it was filmed in freezing cold rainy fall, hahaha but too bad.

For the shoot today, I choreographed another piece to go along with the chorus, grabbed some friends to come dance in it, taught it to them in a few minutes in my room, then we headed out to film. It was another laughtastic day because it’s pretty impossible to teach people my silly choreography then watch them do it all together and not just bust out laughing. We had a lot of fun today and it was great to have my dancer friends meet and dance with each other. As young artists it’s really important to collaborate and help each other with our projects and get to know each other so we can lift each other up, so it was a great feeling to see my artsy fartsy friends chatting, laughing and networking a few minutes into knowing each other. We froze our asses off outside since it was about 42 degrees, with wind and rain, and we had a lot of standing around to do between takes. We did the dance so many times and even though I’m not much of an anthlete, somehow my dances always end up being really athletically demanding, so by the end of it we were all pretty exhausted. Then we all had some awesome burgers at The Burger Joint and called it a night. I have some great footage to work with and I can’t wait to put the video together and get it out there already!

But for now, it’s back to finishing these last two tracks, starting to record vocals, and a really really unhealthy amount of networking at any CMJ-related event I can possibly get into this week. Ayayay.

So over the weekend I filmed more of the “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” video which was SO much fun, because we were filming the dance sequences! I had no idea that dancing my own choreography with other people to my own song would be so very hilarious, but for some reason I could barely stop myself from doubling over with laughter every time we did a take. I guess because the song is so silly, and the steps are silly, and yet we were performing them with such seriousness and attention to detail in order to get them right. Plus, I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a dance class, but if you have, you know that the way dance teachers talk is hilarious. They speak rhythmically to lead you through dance steps in this hilarious way, and name the moves ridiculously to fit in the rhythm, and when you imitate it it is just so funny. For one of the dance routines, my talk-through was, “5, 6, 7, and, Westside Story, Westside Story, chug, chug, get the diva out, pre, pare, turn around, step and throw, back and down, switch, kick, turn your face, slow motion, slow motion, freestyle, freestyle, S, S, turn and face!” because that’s what fit the sequence, but it was so funny to say that like a dance teacher while teaching the steps to the two dancers, and then to see them do these silly steps I had made up in my living room and make them look beautiful was just too much fun.

This video is going to blow your mind. The dance sequences look SO awesome. I missed dancing! And synchronized, comedic dancing is the absolute best kind. You’re gonna love it when you see it. Should be done in the next few weeks!