I'm workin' it with others a lot these days!

Forgot to put this in my update below. The other thing that’s been keeping me busy recently is collaborations, collaborations and more collaborations! Like these:

1. Last night I laid down vocals for two Hepnova songs, and they’re pretty awesome. Hepnova is my two friends Lee-Sean and Nick, and you can check out their stuff at hepnova.bandcamp.com. They’ll be replacing the lead vocals on their songs “Again Tonight” and “You’re For Me” with my vocals very soon. It’s always a ton of fun recording vocals with Lee-Sean in his lower Manhattan studio, which is where the Can’t Stop (Remix) video was filmed:

He also posted a bunch of silly self-portraits I took during the session on facebook, so if you’re not already my friend on facebook, friend me at facebook.com/jccassis so you can see them.

2. At a music networking event last week, I ran into producer Alex Morelli, for whom I sang on a demo last year, and whom I hadn’t seen in a year! He and I will be working on some songs of his very soon.

3. I got a request through a new YouTube friend to record some vocals and help write on an awesome dance song they’re working on, so I gotta lay those down and send them off asap.

4. Got a ton of remixes coming down the pike as soon as the people who are working on them finish…

5. I have found a DJ to add to my live shows, which I think will up the energy so much and allow me to keep the music going while I talk between songs. She is awesome and her name is DJ Ahomii. The way we met is the randomest story ever and I love it. I was performing at the Bandshell in Central Park in November. She walked by during my set with a very cute French bulldog. I petted the bulldog. She took a picture. Then she randomly found me on facebook two months later and showed me the picture. I talked to her and she said she was a DJ. I asked if she wanted to be my DJ, she said yes, and we’ll be rehearsing together soon to start doing shows together as early as April 25th! I think this is going to be such a huge help. With a DJ, my show will be way better which will make me more proactive about booking more shows, as well as make me more marketable to people booking shows, especially in clubs and at dance parties. It will also make it easier and more fun to tour since I can play small dance-centric bars and clubs anywhere if I come in with a DJ. She also loves the same music and songs I do and has a flair for crazy fashion on stage and is super nice. I think this collaboration is going to be a lot of fun for the two of us.


So today, after like 3 months, I finally filmed one of the last parts of the ECNY video that still needed to be shot. Now I just have two more little pieces to do (hopefully next weekend) and it will be time to start editing it! The editing should be relatively quick since I’ve storyboarded it out in my head. I hope it doesn’t look too weird that part of it was filmed in blazing summer heat and sunshine and part of it was filmed in freezing cold rainy fall, hahaha but too bad.

For the shoot today, I choreographed another piece to go along with the chorus, grabbed some friends to come dance in it, taught it to them in a few minutes in my room, then we headed out to film. It was another laughtastic day because it’s pretty impossible to teach people my silly choreography then watch them do it all together and not just bust out laughing. We had a lot of fun today and it was great to have my dancer friends meet and dance with each other. As young artists it’s really important to collaborate and help each other with our projects and get to know each other so we can lift each other up, so it was a great feeling to see my artsy fartsy friends chatting, laughing and networking a few minutes into knowing each other. We froze our asses off outside since it was about 42 degrees, with wind and rain, and we had a lot of standing around to do between takes. We did the dance so many times and even though I’m not much of an anthlete, somehow my dances always end up being really athletically demanding, so by the end of it we were all pretty exhausted. Then we all had some awesome burgers at The Burger Joint and called it a night. I have some great footage to work with and I can’t wait to put the video together and get it out there already!

But for now, it’s back to finishing these last two tracks, starting to record vocals, and a really really unhealthy amount of networking at any CMJ-related event I can possibly get into this week. Ayayay.