Four on the Floor CD now available on!

FINALLY I got a moment to sit down and fully update my music on my website, plus put a store on there for ordering physical copies of my album! You can now buy my actual CD from my website by clicking here:

You can also buy the digital version, or get both by getting the physical album, which includes a download of the digital album at no additional cost! Enjoy and spread the word!

And, last but not least, you can listen to all my songs on my site now, for free! Yay!

Four on the Floor now available on iTunes!

Wow, so much to talk about!

My album, Four on the Floor, just dropped on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital music retailers. I’m so excited! Please click this link, click “view on iTunes,” and write me a review: That would help so much!!

Also, I just got the first-ever hard copy of my album in the mail the other day, and it looks so great! I’m so happy about that. Now it’s time to order a whole bunch of albums to send out to fans, friends, licensing folks, industry contacts, etc. People have already put in orders for them so I can’t wait to get them out there!

The other HUGE news is that I finally, after two and a half years, left my day job to pursue music full time. I’m so glad I took action on the most important thing in my life. This was absolutely the right decision at the right time for the right reasons and I’m so happy. I’m really looking forward to working on music stuff all day every day, whether it be writing, recording, producing, singing for other people’s projects, networking, etc etc. This is going to be awesome.

Finally, I wanted to share with you one of the best and funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. This is my friend Danny from New York who now lives in LA and does NOT espouse the views expressed in this video. He’s playing a character, people! Now watch and be happy:

The cover of my album, Four on the Floor!

So I don’t think I ever got a moment to blog about it, but a few weeks ago (um, 2010 is passing by way too fast!!!) I did a superfun photo shoot with the amazing and wonderful (and Australian!) Alex Green at his glamorous SoHo apartment, where I did the 12/19 show. We shot three different looks for about 4 hours and got some amazing shots out of it. I have many favorites, but one of the overall best shots is definitely the one you see above, which I ended up using as the cover of my album. I posted it on facebook (friend me here) a couple days ago and people have been loving it. I’m so glad!

Which brings me to my next exciting bit of news, which is that the cover art, and all the art for the hard copy CD and booklet of my album, are now done!!! Once I have a moment to do a final listen-through of all the tracks and final proof of the artwork, it will be time to order HARD COPIES of my album to sell at shows and pass around to industry folk, and put the CD on iTunes, FINALLY. It’s been a year-long journey (woulda been much shorter without a day job, but what can you do), and I am so excited to finally have a finished product to show for all my hard work and banging my head against the wall trying to write great songs (which I TOTALLY have).

I will be continuing to release the album track by track through my website over the next many weeks, and by the time I’m finished, the whole album will be available for purchase on iTunes, which will be so great. I’ll finally have a proper presence there again, and I can’t wait to see the sales and reviews from fans. 🙂

So for the last 8 weeks I’ve been in the Songwriters Hall of Fame song workshop and it has been a total blast. I’m SO glad I did it and I strongly recommend it to all you songwriters out there. You have to audition to get in so the quality of the other participants is high, the leader of the workshop, Peter Bliss, is wonderful, and the experience has just been really helpful and enriching. I’ve really loved it.

One thing that was a little tough about the workshop in the beginning was my songs weren’t getting quite as good of a reception with the industry folk as I thought they might, but of course this taught me what I need to work on to be more successful, which is the most important thing.

But tonight, I played one of the forthcoming songs from my album, Four on the Floor, called “My Ex is Delicious,” a super fun Britney-esque pop ditty about not being able to let go of an ex flame. I’m really proud of it and think it’s awesome so I was really excited to share it with the class, and sure enough, everyone really loved it and the feeling was unanimous among the leader and classmates that the song is a hit. Finally! It was such a wonderful feeling to hear them say that. I loved it. I can’t wait to get the recording done so you all can hear what I mean, and I really can’t wait to try to find a way to send it to Britney Spears’ people to see if I can get them to listen and pass it on to her. I think it could really work for her, and of course that would be such an enormous thrill. So yay.

So far the workshop seemed to be most enthusiastic about My Ex is Delicious, Hold for Your Lovin’ and Dance Dance Dance, so I think those three will definitely be on my demo. I’m so glad I finally have a better idea of what should be on there. Now I just need to figure out what the fourth song on there will be, and then I can print it up and start passing it around!