Please download my free song, “Friday Night Forever,” this week before January 11th to help me win $507 and some awesome free promotion. You get free music, and I get a big smile on my face! Here’s how to help:

1. Go to
2. Click the “Current Contenders” tab. Scroll down ’til you see “Friday Night Forever” by JC Cassis
3. Click to download my song
4. It will ask you to become a fan of Microsoft Windows (the sponsor of the contest) on a social network of your choice. Do that (you can undo it anytime).
5. Download my song, and you’ve got some fantastic new music!
6. Tell all your friends to download my song from that site as well, asap before January 11th when the competition is over.


Don’t know why I haven’t put this in the blog yet…I’m a crazy wazy.

So. Microsoft is making it possible for you to download my song, “Hands Off,” for free at, and paying me 50 cents for each download up to 250 downloads.

And now I’m up to 700 downloads!!! That’s the most downloads of any of my songs ever by far and I’m so excited! The crazy thing is, the number just keeps going up at faster and faster rates. Every time I check how many downloads I have it’s grown by leaps and bounds, so please pass that link on to your friends and make sure to download the song for yourself.

This is the first trial run of this program, and the more downloads I get this time around, the more money I can make the next time around, so please get all your pals to download this song, and next time it will be an even bigger deal for me! Sure wish I was still getting paid for the downloads beyond 250…maybe there’ll be a surprise performance bonus at the end of the program? Huh Microsoft? Please? 🙂

Hey all, I’ve just finished integrating the new service BandCamp into my website, so now it is totally easy for you to download and share my music. Just go to my website, and click on “Music” and you’ll be taken to my BandCamp page where you can download my music for free. The only catch is you have to give your email address for my mailing list, but I think that’s totally fair. If you like my music, you should want to know when shows are anyway! You don’t have to give your email to share my music with your friends.

Hopefully this will really help me build my fanbase and connect and stay in touch with new fans! Yay!

musicians: check out It’s pretty awesome.