JC Cassis performing at House of Yes Photo: Teresa Tsai

So, Friday night was totally ridiculous. After months of planning, it was FINALLY time to put on the Team Buhara Benefit Concert and Dinner, for which I booked bands, secured the venue, and dealt with a lot of emotional fallout from catastrophe after catastrophe leading up to the event. Seriously, this event felt like it was doomed pretty much from start almost to finish, but then, miraculously, and because this is always the way things happen in showbiz, just after the bottom fell out of everything multiple times right before the event was to start, everything came together and was great. Our target was to raise $500 to keep the children of Buhara, Uganda, in school for another year. Even without a full house of people, we raised over $700. People’s generosity was really amazing, and it just goes to show that when even a small group of people band together to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, it can really work. The bands came through, the people came out, the coffers were filled, and knowing that we really did a lot to help people in Uganda get another year of access to education was a great feeling. So after spending my whole day prepping and running around and standing on my feet and freaking out over that, it was time to lug my two giant bags of equipment and costumes etc over to the House of Yes for a last-minute show at the Gay Gay Gay Freakshow party, put on by my friend and collaborator JJ Japanime.

Performing there was a dream come true and totally awesome. I did “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” first, and “Friday Night Forever” later, both of which went over really well. I’m looking forward to doing more shows there at future parties. Performing at parties or places with built-in crowds is simply the only way to go until I’m a big enough name and have a team to help me fill a room with people on my own. Can’t wait till that day comes, though! 🙂 Also, I need a roadie if I’m going to continue to have to lug this much stuff around.

Also, a photographer from the Village Voice was there, so I hope one of the photos of me runs in there! That would be so amazing!!!

Um, let me explain something to you. My show at Sugarland on Sunday night was Un. Be. Lievable. UNBELIEVABLE. SO GREAT! I did four songs and my delicious backup dancers, Krystal Something-Something and Charmin Ulltra were there to dance with me on Dance Dance Dance and Friday Night Forever again. When we did the first dance, to Dance Dance Dance, people were cheering so long and loud at the end that we just had to wait a long time until it got a little ridiculous before they would finally allow us to move on to Friday Night Forever. SO FUN.

I also happened to find a disco ball corset that I wore at the show which is amazing. Everyone at Sugarland was saying it’s the best look they’ve ever seen me put together, which I loved. Krystal Something-Something vehemently approved, and if that’s the case, I know I’ve done something right.

I love that what I do is starting to take root at Sugarland. That is such an amazing place for young, bold performers who really know who they are and what they’re doing. I’m so glad that I’m becoming a regular performer there. That’s a dream come true! And it’s such a great place to get hooked into the Brooklyn arts scene. There are so many people passing through there who are kind, friendly, really talented and so much fun.

My dear friend Elijah was in from out of town and caught the show along with his fabulous cousin Adam, and after the show the three of us got pizza, hung out on stoops and the sidewalk till 4am talking, and then, just when we were about to go home, we realized that instead, we should go watch the sun rise on the banks of the East River, so that’s what we did. Then we drove really fast over the bridge back to Manhattan while blasting awesome house music, and before I knew it, I had been out until 7am without even expecting to. That’s one of many reasons why I love Elijah.

It was a good, good night.

I have already had a fantastic 2010 so far. New Year’s was spent staying up all night with my best bud Elijah, the guy I wrote “Friday Night Forever” about, like we love to do. It was complete with crazy face paint, a sketchy part of Brooklyn, a ridiculous party, a 3am trip in freezing weather to a Dunkin’ Donuts where the only way we could get served was to WALK through the DRIVE-THROUGH, plenty of laughs at outrageous comments, sleeping at the party, sleeping on the train to Manhattan, fried chicken in the East Village at 5am, and general good times.

Jan 1 was a little dead, but Jan 2, Saturday, I went to meet Elijah at Club 57, the much buzzed about Saturday night party, and we had the best time, dancing like mad and running into college friends as well as meeting new friends! That night I met two awesome new guys, one from Brazil and the other from Argentina. Then I went out with the Argentinian on Sunday night to a hilarious drag show, where we danced till 2am and met two hot, sweet Venezuelan guys! Then we went to Greenhouse for their awesome Sunday night party where we had the BEST time and ran into the Brazilian again, then we hung out on Monday afternoon and bonded over our mutual love for the movie Rent, among other things, then on Tuesday we went dancing till 3:30am, where we ran into one of the Venezuelans again, then we hung out in a 24 hr Starbucks talking and bonding and listening to music until 6am! That was the most fun I’ve had in a four day period in a long time. There’s nothing I like better than meeting new people that I really like and being really excited to stay friends with them forever because they’re so awesome. And since my insane friends keep moving out of New York, it’s good to keep getting out there and replenishing the friend supply. I’m so glad the album’s finished so I can go out again!

I also realized that making friends from all over is awesome because it ups the chances of me getting to do shows in more places. I currently am talking to friends about performing in Tucson, Boston, Long Island, Buenos Aires, Florida, California and Pennsylvania. I may not go on an actual continuous tour, but instead do shows here and there all over the world, as they come up. I’m excited about that! And who knows, maybe if I bring CD’s and t-shirts with me to sell, and the shows are well-promoted and well-attended, it could be a nice little money maker. The more I look for opportunities to do paying, well-attended shows, the more I find they’re totally out there, within my reach. One of my big goals this year will be to do shows in as many places as I can. After all, wouldn’t you think a little bit more of an artist who can say she performs all over the country/world than one who can’t?

Because of my new friends, new experiences, the fact that my album’s totally done, and some decisions I’ve made about important changes I’m making in my life, I am feeling REALLY good these days, and I intend to keep it that way. Life is so much more fun when you are excited about it! 🙂

How’s your 2010 so far? Leave a comment below and let’s chat! 🙂

Well, I didn’t quite win Playlist 7 or the $507, but I got a LOT of downloads of Friday Night Forever from all over the world that I probably wouldn’t have gotten without the contest, my fans talked to their friends about my music, and I grew my fan list a lot, so overall it was a great experience.  I was up all night all weekend getting friends to download the song and I was so happy about how much they liked it! I only lost by about 9 downloads, so next time I will make a bigger effort earlier on in the contest. Live and learn!

Here’s my new song, Friday Night Forever, for your listening pleasure. (This song will be available for free download as soon as contest rules allow me to let you download it for free from me. Till then, you can download it free here instead: http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist7?artist_id=300708 when you scroll down, you’ll see you can click on the first letter of an artist’s name to skip to their song. Click on “J” for me and I’ll be a little bit down the “J” list.)

Please tell me what you think of Friday Night Forever by leaving a comment below!