JC Cassis at Gaby Gala 5.5.10 Photo credit: Konrad Brattke
JC Cassis at Gaby Gala 5.5.10 Photo credit: Konrad Brattke
JC Cassis at Gaby Gala 5.5.10 Photo credit: Konrad Brattke
JC Cassis at Gaby Gala 5.5.10 Photo credit: Konrad Brattke

Jesus H, can’t believe how many performances I’ve done since the last update, but I intend to recap each one till I’m caught up! Here are some photos from my show at Gaby Gala at Hudson Terrace on 5.5.10, by the lovely Konrad Brattke! The show was a lot of fun to do, and we had quite an eclectic evening of music, given that my opening acts were a classical group and an acoustic tango group. Another interesting element of this show was that a lot of the crowd skewed into the older, classical music-loving set, which is not really my chosen demographic, but it was a great experience to do the best show I could do even though I wasn’t sure if the people there would get it. Towards the middle of the set, the younger people at the show all got up and danced with me on the dance floor as I sang, which is one of my favorite ways to do a show, so that was awesome, and, as usual, even though there were a few people watching the show who stayed seated and didn’t really interact with me while I was on stage, it was exactly those people who came up to me afterward and were really enthusiastic about what I had done. Hudson Terrace is also a gorgeous venue to do a show, and I made a bunch of new fans, so I’m happy! But, I did realize how much more comfortable I feel performing in the gay club/party atmosphere. I’m glad to have found my niche because now I know how to target my shows, which is hugely helpful. Thanks to Gaby Fink for booking me and throwing the party, and to Konrad Brattke for the beautiful photos! KonradBrattke.com. Hire him! 🙂

JC Cassis, AFP Clash of the Artists, Drom, NYC, 3.27.10. Photo credit: DJ Ahomii

I’m not even sure how this happened, but apparently everyone and their mother wants me to perform at their May event. SEVEN shows this month so far! Check out the schedule and come see me do my thing! You can always find my full show schedule on myspace.com/jccassis or facebook.com/jccassis (scroll down on the left) as well.

Wednesday May 5, 8pm (I’ll go on about 10pm): half hour set at Gaby Gala, an upscale party at the fabulous Hudson Terrace, 621 West 46th Street. Tickets: http://gabriellefink.com/gaby-gala/

Saturday May 8, 6pm: one hour set at Sugarland during their Shopaholic event, featuring indie clothing and accessories vendors from Brooklyn. 221 North 9th Street, FREE.

Friday May 14, 7:30pm: half hour set opening for Comandante Zero (my favorite band and great friends of mine) and the amazing Soulfege at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette Street, $10 at the door.

Saturday May 15, 11pm: half hour set at Kostume Kult’s Black and Light ball, an insane party fundraiser for Burning Man. Tickets and info: http://www.kostumekult.com/events/blb2010/

Sunday May 16: short set, details tbd

Saturday May 22, time tba: 2-song set at the Dance Parade after party in Tompkins Square Park. Backup dancing involved! FREE.

Thursday May 27, 9pm (I’ll go on at 10pm): half hour set at the Women Who Rock show at the historic Stonewall Inn, 59 Christopher Street, NYC. Details tba.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of ridiculous stories to tell after each show! 🙂