Me at Public Assembly after my show. Photo credit: Niko Lamas

So a few weeks ago my friend Joe Gatti of the band JoGaBot invited me to play a show with him at Public Assembly on 12.26.09. I was excited to be invited, but I don’t think I thought the show would be as important to me as it ended up being. This show was a really important moment for me.

1. I put a bunch of time before the show into cleaning and flat ironing my wig, which meant that instead of it looking like the cheap, everyday costume store plastic hair that it is, it looked stylized and slick, and really completed my outfit nicely (that rug really tied the room together, man!). I really felt great about how I looked at this show, and it paid off because it got a lot of people taking pictures and video of my show, which I don’t think they’d do if I didn’t look unusual and interesting and capture their attention. Attracting attention of a nice photographer at the venue, by the way, is what got me the gorgeous photo you see above. And I love that photo!!!!!!

2. It was a full on solo show in a venue with beautiful sound, and I got a great quality video of the whole show, courtesy of my wonderful friend Elijah. This allowed me to really see that my show really sounds excellent with tracks on a great sound system and live vocals, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to performing with tracks. What I bring to the table as an artist is the ability to write and record songs in my home studio and sing them live, not play them live, and my show needs to consist of me doing what I do best to best showcase the music and my performing abilities. I think performing with tracks does that, and now I have fantastic video evidence of that to show to any promoter/booker who thinks a show performed with tracks wouldn’t work or be enjoyable or sound awesome, because it is awesome and enjoyable. Finally, I have good video of what I can do live as a solo act! I am SO relieved and excited about that and I think it will be a great help as I go about trying to book a lot of shows this year.

3. I had a great time with this show and was very happy with how it turned out, and there were a lot of random people in the room who heard and watched the show and signed up for my email list afterwards. As I went around the room collecting email addresses, a lot of people kept saying to me “I really hope you do well with this, because you really deserve to. You had such great energy up there and your voice is amazing!” and things like that, which was awesome. People seemed surprised that I was able to put on a high-energy show in a low-attendance room, but my feeling was, a) you have to do your best at every single show because you never know who’s watching, even if it’s only one person (and I proved this with this show, since if I hadn’t given a great show, I wouldn’t have won over any of those new fans) and b) I knew I needed a great video of me doing a great performance, and dammit, I was going to get it come hell or no audience! (And I did!)

So our latest show on 4/3/09 at Don Hill’s was so awesome. We debuted three new dance tracks to a great response from an awesome crowd. I had a bunch of old friends come that I haven’t really seen or talked to in about three years so that was amazing. It’s always nice to know I’m not just talking into a void when I do my email and facebook blasts. People really are paying attention, even if I don’t realize it.

I also finally did a more edgy look with crazy makeup and hair which was fun, but I’m still not quite sure what exactly I want my image to be. It’s hard because the music still has all different moods, and it feels like there’s no one image that suits all the songs. Whatever. But the funniest, cutest moment of the night came when my stepmom commented on my look and said something like “What are you trying to look like?” and the fabulous booker, Nicki Camp, immediately shot back, “She looks like a rock star.” Coming from someone like him, who clearly has rock and roll pumping through his veins, that meant a lot. It was a picture perfect teen movie moment. Hilarious and heartwarming! Our heroine is redeemed and recognized by her peers! Hahaha.

Anyway Don Hill’s is an awesome place to play. The sound was the best we’ve ever had, they have full lighting and smoke machines, the booker is great, it’s a great size, and at the end of our set they allowed (and sort of forced, but in a great way) us to do two encore songs.

Then after we left, the wind was whipping through the TriBeCa streets, and we all spontaneously burst into U2’s “With or Without You” while holding out our arms and letting the wind blow back our hair and jackets, because we are adorable.

We are also trying to make a Japan mini-tour happen this December, and to my surprise everyone in the band wants to do it, and probably could, so we gotta make that happen! Let me know if there’s any way you can help. 🙂

Here are some videos from the show:

New songs coming tomorrow!

So I’ve been working my butt off all week recording new tracks, and I’m so excited. They all sound great! I wanted to finish them up tonight but the ol’ voicey voice hurts and I don’t wanna push it since I have two hours of rehearsal tomorrow and a show Friday. So I’ll prolly finish up the vocals tomorrow or Saturday and then I’ve got some studio time with my ol’ buddy Yaron who mixed and mastered my first album on Sunday. Yay!

Lee-Sean, my keyboardist, and I have been working on the dance remix of “Can’t Stop Myself From Lovin’ You” and man, it is sick. SICK! It is so fuckin’ awesome and danceable and you are going to love it. He is a genius. Once it’s tweaked to perfection it’s gonna have to rock all the gay clubs because it will just be perfect.

So once that’s done, maybe I’ll switch over all the myspace songs to dance songs. Then I’ll have Lover, Can’t Stop remix, Get Out and Everybody’s Crazy in New York. Hooooooooooray I’m almost there.

Am also trying to set up a few dance music shows for the future so that would be awesome. Just got to learn what I need to know to have me-and-an-ipod shows.

SO excited for the show on Friday. I’m gonna look really weird and sing really awesome songs and the band will kick ass and it will be a rockin’ good time. 8:45pm, Friday April 3rd, Don Hill’s, NYC. Be there!

So it’s been long enough. The tracks for “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” and “Get Out,” two of my new dance tracks, have been ready for weeks and weeks, but I haven’t recorded vocals yet. The plan is to record them at home, then take them into the studio to be finished. I want to get this done as soon as possible and get them up on the various websites for people to hear. I’m DYING to know how they’ll do, because I think the fact that they’re all synth sounds and very catchy, poppy, current and danceable will help them a lot. But every time I think something’s going to be my ticket to success, it’s just a ticket to 100 more things I have to do before success comes. Whatever. The important thing is I love this music and there will be people out there who do, too.

The myspacing has been going great. It is so amazingly helpful to have people say they love the songs and are actually listening. I’m happy about that!