So today I went to Jersey to a friend’s party and when I came back I walked up 9th Avenue. At around 18th street, as I was talking on the phone, I heard someone say “Hey, Jersey girl. Hey, Jersey girl!” Because I was the only girl around and because I wanted to see if anyone would actually be so ridiculous as to call me a Jersey girl, I turned around, and sure enough, a guy in a group of guys was looking at me. “Hang on,” I said to my friend on the phone. “I think I just got called a Jersey girl.”

“Did you just call me a Jersey girl?” I asked the guys, incredulously. They said “Yeah.” I said, “I’m not a Jersey girl! I just came back from getting lost on my way to Jersey cuz I don’t know how to get there cuz I’m from New York so why would I?! Pshhh!” Then the guys erupted in whoops and cheers as I threw my head back, laughed and walked away. I don’t get it either, but it was hilarious. And I loooooooooooooove New York cuz you know dat shit don’t be happenin’ in Jersey!