So, as you may be able to tell from the sound of my music, I love the early 90’s and early 90’s club music. I mean LOVE. I mean it makes me happy more easily than anything else I know of. For those of you who are under a rock, one of the best songs to come out of the early 90’s club music scene was “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite. This song is one of about 5 songs that was SO good that they still play it everywhere, at every party worth going to. It is just. So. Good. I used to see the music video for this song playing on MTV when I was 7 and MTV was all about music. And it was amazing. And it still is.

Earlier this year, I met Josh Dreisacker, AKA JJ Japanime, another dance-pop singer/songwriter/producer, as well as artist and fashion designer, in Brooklyn, and we became great pals. Josh went to his cousin’s art show recently and met none other than Lady Miss Kier, the lead singer of Deee-Lite, and the two of them became friends. He told me all about how she was still making music and DJing, and he played her our song, Ice Dick, and she loved it. This was enough to make me go crazy. I could not believe that 20 years after I first saw her dancing in the music video for one of my favorite songs ever, Lady Miss Kier herself was listening to MY song and calling it great. Holy CRAP. BUT THEN, a few weeks later, Josh told me something even more amazing: that Kier would be filming a video for which she needed extras, and I could be one! I jumped at the opportunity, and before I knew it I was getting all dressed up in neon clothes and dancing while Kier herself filmed me and the other extras. She was really nice and funny and it was great to see her still in action. The whole time, I couldn’t help but think about how surreal and amazing it was that twenty years after seeing her video on MTV, there I was, in one of her videos myself. And she dances the exact same way she did in the old video, today! It’s amazing. My friend Elijah, who loves the early 90’s as much as I do, would have just died to be there, and I couldn’t hold back a smile thinking about that as I cued up Kier’s music for her on HER laptop as she filmed a glamor shot. WOW. CRAZY. Hope there are more moments like that to come!!

JC Cassis performs at The Trash Bar 9.15.10

Last Wednesday was show two of the Week of Too Many Shows, a one-hour set at The Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Man, does this place live up to its name! But it’s such a great dive/punk rock bar. I love it. For this show, I had two special guests: JJ Japanime, and Dan Freeman of Comandante Zero with 0H10 M1ke performing their song, Wake Up in New York, which is one of my absolute favorites of theirs. I played synth and did backing vocals on that song, which is always fun to do. “Icedick” KILLED again, which is great, and the whole audience was standing up and dancing with me the whole time, which made it so much fun to perform. Yay!

JC Cassis and JJ Japanime perform at The Trash Bar 9.15.10

JC Cassis performs at Bartini 9/14/10

Last week was the Week of Too Many Shows, which came about quickly and was totally exhausting, but also a lot of fun. Months ago, I booked myself into a show called Muffins in the Window for 9/16. Then, I was informed in August that I was invited to perform at Bartini Ultralounge on 9/14. Then a friend called me on 9/10 and asked me to play a set at The Trash Bar on 9/15. So I played for an hour on Tuesday, an hour on Wednesday, and, mercifully, 15 minutes on Thursday, when my voice was almost gone, anyway. Didn’t realize that was going to happen, so I’m glad it was only a short set on the last night!

JC Cassis performs at Bartini Ultralounge on 9/14/10

Tuesday’s show at Bartini was lots of fun because it was hosted by the fabulous Emily McNamara, and although the crowd was relatively small, it was quite strong, attentive and loud at the end of each of my songs. A professional photographer/paparazzo (seriously! self-proclaimed!) was there to take photos, and I hear there’s a video somewhere as well, so we’ll see if that surfaces. I also asked my friend, JJ Japanime, to join me on stage to close the show with our song we wrote together, “Icedick,” which we know is going to be an enormous hit, and which people all over Brooklyn have stuck in their heads already. We REALLY need to hurry up and release it already because all our friends are dying to own a copy. 🙂

JC Cassis and JJ Japanime perform "Icedick" at Bartini Ultralounge, 9/14/10

JC Cassis performing at House of Yes Photo: Teresa Tsai

So, Friday night was totally ridiculous. After months of planning, it was FINALLY time to put on the Team Buhara Benefit Concert and Dinner, for which I booked bands, secured the venue, and dealt with a lot of emotional fallout from catastrophe after catastrophe leading up to the event. Seriously, this event felt like it was doomed pretty much from start almost to finish, but then, miraculously, and because this is always the way things happen in showbiz, just after the bottom fell out of everything multiple times right before the event was to start, everything came together and was great. Our target was to raise $500 to keep the children of Buhara, Uganda, in school for another year. Even without a full house of people, we raised over $700. People’s generosity was really amazing, and it just goes to show that when even a small group of people band together to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, it can really work. The bands came through, the people came out, the coffers were filled, and knowing that we really did a lot to help people in Uganda get another year of access to education was a great feeling. So after spending my whole day prepping and running around and standing on my feet and freaking out over that, it was time to lug my two giant bags of equipment and costumes etc over to the House of Yes for a last-minute show at the Gay Gay Gay Freakshow party, put on by my friend and collaborator JJ Japanime.

Performing there was a dream come true and totally awesome. I did “Everybody’s Crazy in New York” first, and “Friday Night Forever” later, both of which went over really well. I’m looking forward to doing more shows there at future parties. Performing at parties or places with built-in crowds is simply the only way to go until I’m a big enough name and have a team to help me fill a room with people on my own. Can’t wait till that day comes, though! 🙂 Also, I need a roadie if I’m going to continue to have to lug this much stuff around.

Also, a photographer from the Village Voice was there, so I hope one of the photos of me runs in there! That would be so amazing!!!