My 12.19.09 loft party show was so much fun! I got video of “Everybody’s Crazy in New York,” with a funny lead-in including a conversation between me and someone in the audience and the annoying but funny occurrence of the next door neighbor rapping on the door and telling us to be quieter, followed by a quieted-down version of “Everybody’s Crazy in New York.”

This show also included the first incarnation of what may become a regular occurrence at my shows, the “Hey-off,” in which I and the audience compete to see who can stretch the word “Heeeeeeeey!” out the longest with a single breath.

There, did that get your attention? Just wanted to make sure you’re getting as hyped up as I am about my free house party show with my band and Comandante Zero on Saturday December 19th, 9pm at a secret location that you must email me at talktojccassis AT gmail DOT com to receive, or you can just check out the facebook invite I’ll send out.

This show is going to be really great, and I’m hoping for a great turnout. It’s free, it’s fun, there’ll be music and beer and snacks and a great NYC apartment–what more could you ask for?? Plus, finally finally finally, it’s on a SATURDAY NIGHT! No more of this Wednesday/Thursday BS. We are playing real nights now!

Check out my music here as always, and Comandante Zero’s amazing electro-funk here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!