Singin' songs!

Last night I performed in the Songwriters Hall of Fame showcase at The Bitter End in NYC, and it was SO AWESOME. Luckily, I seem to have really tapped into some kind of awesome energy when I was performing last Saturday, and I was totally in that space again for this show. When I went to the showcase back in the fall, an amazing Indian group called Falu closed the show, and they were so amazing that even after two hours of watching nonstop acts, the audience was begging for an encore. I really hoped that, since I got to close the show this time, the audience would ask me for an encore, and they did!! Luckily, I had planned for that and prepared to sing “Everybody’s Crazy In New York” as my encore, which went over great. Before that, I did Dance Dance Dance and My Ex Is Delicious, which everyone loved.

Also, for the first time since I’ve had my CDs to sell (only the last two shows, but still), I sold 6 CDs, and people were BEGGING to sign up on the email list! I was so happy to have really blown people away. The other awesome thing was that SO MANY of my friends showed up, including people who are at every show, people who came to one show a year ago, and people who had been meaning to come to a show for months. It was so great to have such solid support and to give such a great show when I had everyone there. It was also really interesting to learn that when letting people pay what they wanted for my CDs, the price still worked out to $10/cd, since some people paid less and some paid more. Very good to know, and very exciting!

People have also started to bring friends to my show and get them to sign the email list as well, which is awesome and just what I need/want. AND the show was caught on tape and film from multiple angles, so I look forward to showing you those videos and pictures! I also met a lot of great people, which will hopefully lead to some cool collaborations and friendships.

I’m also so relieved to see that playing shows with just me and tracks can be so well-received. It’s awesome to be working with a DJ now for my live show as well, but it’s good to know that if I ever need to do a totally solo show, the audience will still be totally into it. I’ve also been getting a lot of compliments on my production skills, which is awesome since that’s the area in which I feel I know the least. But if I still know how to make songs that people like, that’s a great place to start! Yay!

I had the day off today, and boy did I put it to great use! Here’s what I got done today:

1. FINISHED THE TRACK FOR MY SONG “SAY IT,” FINALLY AFTER SO MANY WEEKS OF TRYING! This track was driving me nuts because I’d listen to it and think it was good the way it was, then listen to it again and have a nagging feeling it needed to be tweaked and filled out more, but I never knew what to do with it until today when I fixed the beat to be a little different than the same old dance beat and added a string part that really gives the chorus some more urgency and meat. Whether it’s the absolute best it could be remains to be seen, but I think people will really like it and it will be great once I put vocals on it and play with those vocals in the studio. This might be a very auto-tuned song, but it will be on purpose.

2. Finally made the facebook event page for our big house party concert coming up on December 19th and invited all 1400-something of my facebook friends. I had been meaning to do that for a couple weeks and now it’s finally done. It prompted someone I met at a networking event to get back in touch with me, which is awesome. I think since the show’s free and on a Saturday night we’ll get a much better turnout than usual, and I’m looking forward to that.

3. Rescheduled the band rehearsal to a different space and notified the band.

4. Caught up on allllllll the emails I hadn’t answered from last Wednesday to now (fan mail and personal). Everyone wants a piece of me this week. Oyoyoy. But fun stuff ahead! I LOVE that my fans are really starting to keep in touch with me regularly and on an ongoing basis, and are writing back to my fan emails. That was the idea all along!

5. Added new fans to my email list, yay! I’m getting better at getting people on my list, which is great because that’s the most important place for them to be if they really want to stay up to date on what I’m up to!

6. Finished writing my parody song that I’ll upload to YouTube soon. Glad it’s still in the iTunes top ten! Got to tape and upload it quickly though…

7. Got the final details ironed out for my private show coming up. This one will be a lot of fun and will generate some great YouTube videos for me to upload! And hopefully they’ll also be good for using to book more private shows like this one!

8. Worked out my look for the private show. It looks great. Includes a new silver sparkle hoodie I found over the weekend (at the same shopping complex where I found my other one!), which has way more sparkles on it than the other one. I’m so excited to debut the look!

9. Pre-purchased distribution for my forthcoming album (now 75% DONE!) from TuneCore to get the 25% savings on it. Can’t believe it will finally be time to put it out there soon! Also can’t believe how late it is given the deadline I gave myself of late September, hehe.

So it was a great day and I feel great for having accomplished so much. I still have SO many things I want to do tomorrow, like practice for my show, upload a lot of YouTube vlog/rants on various topics, upload the new music I have to share, and on and on. But for now, what I got done today will have to do. See you at my show on December 19th!