New York, my friends, is a crazy place, full of crazy people and crazy occurences. If I had had a choice last night of whether to chicken out on the gig, I might have, because it was raining, all my friends were unavailable to come, I was nervous, and just was not in the mood in general. But I is a pro, g d it, and I gets the job done! Thank goodness for that because the night was full of pleasant surprises.

1. Because of a misunderstanding, we thought we might have to play the set without a hi-hat on the drumset, meaning no hot disco beats, no fun, bad sound. Then the lovely and kind drummer of the band going on after us, whose name I heard as “Breaking Dick” but whose name is actually “Breaking Day,” lent us his hi-hat, and we were saved. I wish his band’s name was “Breaking Dick,” that would be so utterly hardcore.

2. My drummer set up his drums as soon as we got there, so the band before us’ drummer used it. That drummer happened to be the drummer from Blue Oyster Cult, they of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and SNL cowbell skit fame. Now he’s a public school teacher in NYC because NYC finds ways to make your life totally weird even if you don’t know how it will do it. Like having the drummer from Blue Oyster Cult teach you long division. Seriously, what the fuck? Like, seriously. You know?

3. When Sam C got to the venue, we were all already there, sitting around chatting, and as a greeting, he goes, “Hey guys–wh–what’s goin’ on?” in this really paranoid voice, like we were going to eat him. I laughed so hard. I tell ya man, he’s got a way about him that just makes me laugh so hard. Pair that with the hilarious sub bassist we had and Sam J and I can’t believe I made it out of there without any drinks shooting out of my nose. I fucking love my band.

4. The show itself was great. I’m getting a lot freer and more dynamic with my moving while singing. That was so hard for me at the first show. I had to really try to move more, but I used to worry it looked stupid, then I watched a video of me performing Lover and realized that the only parts I liked were the parts when I was really dancing and singing. I can’t believe the weird conclusions my mind comes to on its own. Like that dancing and singing all at once doesn’t look good? Um, hello, Broadway musicals! And every pop star ever! But at least now I get it and can do it.

Besides doing the show this week, I also entered into the Musician’s Mastermind program and have started work on it. This week it’s helping me solidify my vision for my career, which is exciting. Putting down some numbers on a timeline is really comforting because they seem doable or easy, and others seem a little over the top, but I’ll try to hit them. So far I’ve put down making 1 music video a month, finishing 4 songs a month (though I don’t know how many actual recordings I’ll finish) gaining thousands of fans and downloads a month, rapidly increasing the amount of merchandise available for purchase on my merch store, and dramatically increasing the amount of gigs I have per month. It’ll be a lot of work but I can already see how it will let me reap great and exciting benefits!

Also, I recently sold my first shirt out of my online merch store!! So exciting! I hope the person enjoys it and tells their friends about it! Check out the store at

Pics from the gig coming soon…

Ok. Some things that have happened since last entry:

1. Finished two new songs (though I’ll prolly tweak or re-record vocals before I say the album’s totally done), which are, as always, at People are lovin’ them so far and I’m really proud.

2. Got one more song almost done, then time to keep going with more. I have some really awesome ideas for new songs to write that I’m really excited about. I think my voice as a performer/artist will be clearer and clearer the more music I put out. Yay.

3.Performed at Cat’s birthday party in SoHo at this fab loft with backing tracks and a kickass sound system. Everyone at the party loved it. Added mad people to the mailing list and possibly found a new male backup dancer!

4. Surpassed 10,000 friends on myspace! Yes! So nice to have people listening to the music and liking it and asking me to come play in their cities. I wish I could now but it’ll be a little while!

5. There are a lot of music marketing programs and services offered out there, and it’s easy to think everything being sold on the internet that’s not from some big name retailer is a scam, but there’s a money back guarantee, and either way it’s a tax deduction, so I’m probably going to do the Musicians Mastermind program and see if it gets me the kind of results it promises.

6. Really excited about performing in Union Square this summer. Gotta find out about permits and make that happen. A weekly gig in Union Square would really help me get out there to new audiences I think. And maybe creating my own street residency would lead to a club residency somewhere!

7. Really excited to see that some indie labels with big successful artists accept demos and listen to everything they get. Now, we’ll see if my demo is in good enough shape to get heard and get interest, but at least there are people who can help your career to whom you can have access.

Looking forward to hopefully making a good living off of music soon!!

p.s. Performance footage from the dance parade coming soon…