I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, an incredible podcast made by my pal and wonderful comedian/musician, Dave Hill. We covered pretty much every topic and it’s hilarious. Enjoy!


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I just released episodes 8 and 8.5 of my podcast today! Why is there an 8.5, you ask? Well, after taping episode 8 with the lovely and talented singer/songwriter/artist/amazing person Dan Paul Roberts, Dan Paul and I were hanging out when he showed me a hilarious chain of emails between him and an evangelical Christian who had contacted him, unsolicited, on facebook, about some very private matters. The email chain was so hilarious that I decided to record it, and then I showed Dan Paul a ridiculous email I’d gotten from someone on YouTube, and recorded that as well. Both episodes are a lot of fun, so take a listen and pass them on to your pals!

Listen on my website here: https://jccassis.com/JCCassisShowEpisode1.html

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I don’t know what is wrong with me, but even though I taped this podcast on like July 3rd, I didn’t put it online until just now. But today has become a mega day-of-uploading and output, which is awesome, so I made myself get this podcast out to you today.

Episode 7 features my friend, Dipika Guha, who is one of my Favorite People Ever. I adore her, and through this episode you’ll see why. She’s so thoughtful and kind-hearted and her head and heart are more in the right place than probably anyone I know. Listening to this episode and Episode 6 back to back will make you want to ask me where I find my friends so you can get some like them, too!

You can listen to Episode 7 now:

on my website


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Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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I did it! I FINALLY recorded and published another episode of my podcast! In this one, my mystery friend and I discuss men, family and laughing at life. She is one of my favorite people ever and we ended up having a really hilarious and interesting conversation, which is, of course, always the goal. So that was awesome. Check it out!

on my website: https://jccassis.com/JC%20Cassis%20Show%20episode%206%20Mystery%20Friend.mp3

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JC Cassis Photo Credit: Alex Green

As I told you a couple weeks ago, I recently uploaded my music to the Podsafe Music Network so that podcasters would know they can use it for their podcasts without getting sued. First, LongIslandOnlineRadio.com added me to their station, and now, a podcaster from the Netherlands has put my song, “My Ex Is Delicious,” on his show, Sunday Sundown!

Click here to check it out: http://sundaysundown.intralog.nl/

If you’re clicking that link long after it was posted, my song is in episode #46 from Sunday April 16, even though as of this writing, that date has not yet happened anywhere in the world. 🙂