I realized I never posted my newest finished recording, “Anything You Want,” so here it is!

Seb Swift, who made the fabulous ECNY remix for me, has done it again with an excellent remix of my song “Obsessed.” Listen below!

New remixes and songs coming soon! If you want to remix my stuff, send me an email at talktojccassis AT gmail DOT com and I’ll send you all the files you need!

1. I finished at #12 in the top 25 bands in the Jansport Battle of the Bands first round, so now hopefully the judges will pick me as one of the top 5 acts to move on to the next round!! I’ll hear about that soon.

2. My song “Hands Off” has now been downloaded over 1500 times!!! So exciting!

3. I’ve finished the tracks for “Hold For Your Lovin'” and “Friday Night Forever,” so once I finish the other three tracks, put vocals on all of them, and have them finished in a studio, I will be debuting them!

4. More remixes are in the works. I’m looking forward to another one from Seb Swift in England, a bunch from Andrew Siller in Vermont, one from DJ Frankie P out of New Jersey, one from Steve Slavin in London, and hopefully another Hepnova remix soon. If you want to remix my tunes, just let me know and I will send you the links to download the files you need. A huge thank you to all the remixers so far–you guys are making me so happy and easing my workload by letting me bring out new music for the fans more often and I truly appreciate all your hard work. You’re amazing!

So recently, a fabulous young man from the UK named Seb Swift made a wonderful remix of my song, Everybody’s Crazy in New York, and then went even further with his fabulousness and set the remix to a lovely video of old New York footage. Check it out here:

You can get that excellent download free on jccassis.com when you click on “Music” and then “Remiximaginations: Collaborations and Remixes.” Enjoy!