I meant to write this chain of events down right when it happened, and then four days passed. Oops! But check this out:

1. Many weeks ago, I went to see my friend Anna Haas play a show at an event called Drinking for a Change.

2. At that show, I met one of the D4AC organizers, Peter Dunn.

3. I went to a Songwriters Hall of Fame networking meeting where I met a singer/songwriter/producer.

4. This singer/songwriter/producer was also in the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase at the Bitter End.

5. Peter Dunn hosts karaoke on Tuesday nights at Barracuda sometimes.

6. Peter invited me to do karaoke at Barracuda with him.

7. I went to Barracuda to do karaoke with Peter.

8. At Barracuda, I ran into the singer/songwriter/producer.

9. He introduced me to the owner of Barracuda, who had been to the Songwriters Hall of Fame show and loved my set.

10. THE OWNER OF BARRACUDA ASKED ME TO PERFORM AT BARRACUDA AND ELMO LOUNGE!!! These are both totally awesome gay venues. Who else came up in gay venues, you ask? Madonna, Bette Midler, Lady Gaga, the list goes on. VERY exciting.

11. At Barracuda, I sang my favorite song ever, “Show Me Love” by Robin S.

12. Mimi Imfurst, the host of karaoke that night, loves that song and all the 90’s songs I sang there.

13. I won the karaoke contest  and $100.

14. Mimi Imfurst asked me to sing with her on a future project she’s concocting, as well as BE HER SPECIAL GUEST this Sunday at Posh, where she wants me to sing “Show Me Love” and an original song of mine.

15. Posh is another fun gay club in Hell’s Kitchen, and I think this show is going to be REALLY fun and effective for expanding my fan base and proving that I can be a great entertainer for a gay club crowd, which will hopefully lead to more gigs and more fanbase expansion!

I’ve been wondering how and wanting to break into performing in gay clubs for a long time, and assuming that it would be really hard, when really, it’s just like anything else: once you’ve done the work to get good, it’s who you know. I did the Songwriters Hall of Fame showcase because I knew Peter Bliss. At the networking event and showcase, I met the singer/songwriter/producer. At Barracuda, he introduced me to the owner and I got to know Mimi Imfurst, who hooked me up with the show on Sunday. It’s also the old adage: 90% of life is showing up. If I hadn’t gone to Anna’s show or the networking event, I wouldn’t know Peter or the singer/songwriter/producer. If I hadn’t gone to karaoke, I wouldn’t have met the owner of Barracuda or Mimi Imfurst. Once I was there, all I had to do was be friendly and sing well, and from that I booked three gigs. Makes me wonder what the hell would happen if I went out to these kinds of things every single night! Maybe I should!

Also, I am VERY excited about the fact that the following chain of events also happened recently:

1. I went out with my dear friend Elijah to Sugarland in Brooklyn.

2. Sugarland is an AWESOME little gay club that is the perfect size, has a great crowd, plays great music, and has live performances on a little stage on the dancefloor that are very similar to what I do.

3. I asked someone how I get to perform there. He told me to talk to the bartender.

4. I talked to the bartender about what I do and asked how to perform there.

5. He booked me into the once-monthly showcase, Street Smart, on April 25th, from which he often culls acts for the dancefloor performances. If I impress him there, I’ll get to perform again at Sugarland!

So, the awesome news is that it seems if I just get out there and do what I do best (singing, performing, talking to people, chasing the opportunities I want), the results can be really amazing, easy and quick. Hoo. Ray.

Here are some pics from the 4/1/10 Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase at The Bitter End. So fun! To see more pictures, become my fan on facebook.

JC Cassis at the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase, 4.1.10, The Bitter End, NYC
JC Cassis at the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase, 4.1.10, The Bitter End, NYC
JC Cassis at the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase, 4.1.10, The Bitter End, NYC

Singin' songs!

Last night I performed in the Songwriters Hall of Fame showcase at The Bitter End in NYC, and it was SO AWESOME. Luckily, I seem to have really tapped into some kind of awesome energy when I was performing last Saturday, and I was totally in that space again for this show. When I went to the showcase back in the fall, an amazing Indian group called Falu closed the show, and they were so amazing that even after two hours of watching nonstop acts, the audience was begging for an encore. I really hoped that, since I got to close the show this time, the audience would ask me for an encore, and they did!! Luckily, I had planned for that and prepared to sing “Everybody’s Crazy In New York” as my encore, which went over great. Before that, I did Dance Dance Dance and My Ex Is Delicious, which everyone loved.

Also, for the first time since I’ve had my CDs to sell (only the last two shows, but still), I sold 6 CDs, and people were BEGGING to sign up on the email list! I was so happy to have really blown people away. The other awesome thing was that SO MANY of my friends showed up, including people who are at every show, people who came to one show a year ago, and people who had been meaning to come to a show for months. It was so great to have such solid support and to give such a great show when I had everyone there. It was also really interesting to learn that when letting people pay what they wanted for my CDs, the price still worked out to $10/cd, since some people paid less and some paid more. Very good to know, and very exciting!

People have also started to bring friends to my show and get them to sign the email list as well, which is awesome and just what I need/want. AND the show was caught on tape and film from multiple angles, so I look forward to showing you those videos and pictures! I also met a lot of great people, which will hopefully lead to some cool collaborations and friendships.

I’m also so relieved to see that playing shows with just me and tracks can be so well-received. It’s awesome to be working with a DJ now for my live show as well, but it’s good to know that if I ever need to do a totally solo show, the audience will still be totally into it. I’ve also been getting a lot of compliments on my production skills, which is awesome since that’s the area in which I feel I know the least. But if I still know how to make songs that people like, that’s a great place to start! Yay!

Come see my shows!

I have two very important, very fun shows coming up that I’d love for you to come and see. The first is Saturday, March 27th, at Art For Progress’ Clash of the Artists event in New York City. A ticket gets you admission, free drinks, food, awesome entertainment, and a ballot to vote for me and help me win the music competition. The proceeds from the event also go towards supporting education. If I win first place, I’ll get a great prize pack, so I hope you’ll come out and support me there. Click here for more information and to buy tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/100460.

The second show is a spot in the same showcase where Lady Gaga was discovered three years ago! I’ll be performing in the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcase on Thursday, April 1, 8pm at The Bitter End (147 Bleecker Street) in New York. Admission is FREE so I really hope to see you there. Here’s the link for more info: http://songhall.org/news/entry/950. It’s FREE, so bring all your friends!