JC Cassis performs at The Trash Bar 9.15.10

Last Wednesday was show two of the Week of Too Many Shows, a one-hour set at The Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Man, does this place live up to its name! But it’s such a great dive/punk rock bar. I love it. For this show, I had two special guests: JJ Japanime, and Dan Freeman of Comandante Zero with 0H10 M1ke performing their song, Wake Up in New York, which is one of my absolute favorites of theirs. I played synth and did backing vocals on that song, which is always fun to do. “Icedick” KILLED again, which is great, and the whole audience was standing up and dancing with me the whole time, which made it so much fun to perform. Yay!

JC Cassis and JJ Japanime perform at The Trash Bar 9.15.10

JC Cassis performs at Bartini 9/14/10

Last week was the Week of Too Many Shows, which came about quickly and was totally exhausting, but also a lot of fun. Months ago, I booked myself into a show called Muffins in the Window for 9/16. Then, I was informed in August that I was invited to perform at Bartini Ultralounge on 9/14. Then a friend called me on 9/10 and asked me to play a set at The Trash Bar on 9/15. So I played for an hour on Tuesday, an hour on Wednesday, and, mercifully, 15 minutes on Thursday, when my voice was almost gone, anyway. Didn’t realize that was going to happen, so I’m glad it was only a short set on the last night!

JC Cassis performs at Bartini Ultralounge on 9/14/10

Tuesday’s show at Bartini was lots of fun because it was hosted by the fabulous Emily McNamara, and although the crowd was relatively small, it was quite strong, attentive and loud at the end of each of my songs. A professional photographer/paparazzo (seriously! self-proclaimed!) was there to take photos, and I hear there’s a video somewhere as well, so we’ll see if that surfaces. I also asked my friend, JJ Japanime, to join me on stage to close the show with our song we wrote together, “Icedick,” which we know is going to be an enormous hit, and which people all over Brooklyn have stuck in their heads already. We REALLY need to hurry up and release it already because all our friends are dying to own a copy. 🙂

JC Cassis and JJ Japanime perform "Icedick" at Bartini Ultralounge, 9/14/10