So last night I was at the Jonas Sees In Color record release party and spoke with one of the women I know through Women In Music (if you’re a woman in music in any capacity in NYC, join this group!! It’s awesome!!) and learned an interesting tidbit from our conversation.

She spoke about something called “upstreaming,” which is when an artist on a small indie label is sort of “promoted” or “upstreamed” into being on the major label affiliated with the minor due to hitting a certain number of sales. I’d think that number would be in the hundreds of thousands of albums, but she said it was only in the low tens of thousands. That may sound like a lot of cd’s for an indie artist to sell, but it’s not unattainable if the music is good, the artist is constantly performing and growing their fan base, and the music is being marketed properly. So the take-home message for me was: don’t be afraid of getting “stuck” on a smaller label, especially because smaller indie labels are usually more passionate about and dedicated to their artists, and will help them a lot in the beginning of their career, and every young artist needs that. Then, if the music does well enough, a bigger label with more muscle and money will sometimes take you on to reach higher levels of success.

This reminds me of the bottom line I always try to remember: if you can make money, you’re golden. If you have nothing else going for you but that you make money, you have everything going for you, because at the end of the day, labels want to make money, and they’ll go with the artists that make money. So the key is to figure out how to make money, because then you will get the support and help you need, because people will recognize that they can make money by being part of your team.

Money might be the root of all evil, but it’s also the route to all success, hahaha. Then it’s your job to keep the evil at bay while enjoying your success.

And now back to work.

The difference between an ok life and a great life is hard work.

Whatever lofty goal or big dream you have in life, it’s going to take some hard-ass work to achieve it.

The best thing you can do for yourself when pursuing a goal is immediately throw out the idea that it will be easy or happen fast. Because it won’t and it won’t.

Accept the fact that anything worth getting only comes after a lot of hard work, and get to work.

Here’s some of the work I’m doing right now: making music, making videos, leading a band, booking shows, friending hundreds of people on Myspace each day, performing as much as possible, practicing and learning new skills and songs on the guitar, trying to get blog publicity, and on and on and on.

A little work every day adds up over time to a lot of goals reached. A lot of work every day accomplishes even bigger goals even faster. The work is never going to end, so get used to working constantly. Once you reach your goal, you’re going to have to work to stay there, and work even harder to get beyond that point. So get comfortable with the idea of hard work every day. Because there really is no alternative if you have any ambition at all.